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    Hello gorgeous.

    A quick personal moment before we chat fashion: I’ve realized something about men these past few months. Many of you may not know, I’m single and have been dating around for a few months – and it’s interesting to see how easy it is to actually figure out the basics on what guys are looking for. I’ve come up with a few things, a list if you will, of things most men want in a woman. Now, I’m not saying this list is complete or accurate – or that I possess these qualities (haha, no seriously, no) – but I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you agree.

    Most men want [in a woman/relationship]:

    • Physical attraction
    • To be challenged
    • Not to feel emasculated (while still being challenged)
    • A relationship that is relaxing and happy (an escape from stress at work, etc)
    This is my list – so far. One that I’ve really realized only recently is the “to be challenged” – contrary to what some may think, men want to be intellectually, humoursly, physically and emotionally challenged by a woman who can push their boundaries and grow together. Thoughts? Agree? Anything you’d add?

    …ok, now the clothes: The jacket is Vince Camuto – it was a steal from Nordstrom, and it reminds me of a more edgy version of that classic Chanel jacket we all love. The gold envelope clutch is from H&M (similar here), the mint flats are from ZARA and I love them, and my lipstick is MAC Rebel.