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  • 11 Ways To Wear Your Hair This Fall

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    It’s finally time to head into fall – hair first. That’s right, beach bums, time to rinse out the salt water and take a step back from the tousled waves you’ve been rocking all summer long. With fall comes the opportunity to pull back, put up and twist around (your hair, of course).

    Click through the slideshow below to check out 11 easy but stylish ways to wear your hair – most styles take less than 5 minutes to do, and pair perfectly with both scarves & boots.

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      Try a sleek center part with a loose and low pony
    • seattle style blog
      Throw your hair into a half-up messy bun (all the cool girls are doing it)
    • seattle style blog
      Twist your back into a messy, low bun
    • seattle style blog
      Try a pop of color with bright bobby pins
    • seattle style blog
      If you've been blessed with a ton of curls - just let 'em fly free (with a little smoothing product when drying)
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      Leandra Medine of The Man repeller knows how to chic-up a simple bun
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      A simple tie-back of the front few strands creates instant-chic fall style
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      Try a low messy bun and pull out most of the strands around your face for a cool-girl look
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      A low pull-through knot with hair wrapped around the hair tie creates a polished, easy look
    • seattle style blog
      Easy, twist into little, low buns (do it with a friend #twinsies)
    • seattle style blog
      No matter the length of your hair, try straight locks with a center part, tucked behind each ear

    I wish you much luck with all those stringy things on your head. The struggle is real. I’m here to help.




  • My Boyfriends

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    Outfit Details: Boyfriend Jeans (bought 1 size too big for extra slouch) via GAP (also obsessed with this pair)| Striped linen tank via GAP | Necklace via J.Crew | Flat leather sandals via GAP (out of stock but loving these) | Lip & cheek color via YSL

    Boyfriend Jeans. They are SO HOT right now. Have you shied away from sportin’ a pair due to fear of looking like Martha Stewart on a Saturday? I get it. I had that same fear, but I was able to overcome it – by figuring out how to style them in the “cool girl” way instead of the “hipster or mom?” way.

    Fear the Oprah pant no more. This trend is certified cool-girl and everyone can rock it. Here are my styling tips for how to wear those mom boyfriend jeans:

    • Slouchy Fit: Make sure your boyfriend jeans have a relaxed, slouchy fit. However – ensure that you do NOT have a slouchy camel toe. No CTs ladies.
    • Sloppy Roll: Roll up your boyfriend jeans like you don’t even care. Sloppy rolls. That easy, it’s-whatever roll-up.
    • No Sacks Please: Make sure your shirt isn’t TOO oversized. Relaxed fit is always good – but if you have a giant, billowing top with slouchy jeans, you will just look like a sack. Unless you’re Cara Delevingne. But you’re not. So find a relaxed but fitted top.
    • Tuck ‘er In: Tuck your top in. A little or a lot, you decide.
    • Girl Up: Pair with something girly. This could be a bright lipstick, a fun necklace, etc. You have to balance out the BF-vibe with some BFF-vibes.
    • Belt Optional: A belt can help your slouchy jeans stay in place (like mine, which are 1-2 sizes too big for my waist), and also can add an additional cool-girl effect.

    There you have it. Go find some awesome, ripped, ragged boyfriend jeans and pony up to this trend.

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  • How Outfit Shoots With Me Really Go

    The story of a girl who just can’t keep her shit together.

    natasha jarmick of the chic curve outfit post fashion blogger laughing

    Outfit Details -  Washed Vans: Madewell; Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack: Nordstrom;  Flannel: Vintage, (similar); Top: H&M, (old, similar); Jewerly: Vintage & Marrin Costello;


    If you know me well, then you know that no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep a straight face. Staring contest? I’m blubbering 5 seconds in. Really serious, important moment where giggling is the last thing I should be doing? You’ll find me running out of the room, hands over mouth. Whatever switch people have that allows them to turn off their silliness – well I wasn’t programmed with the option to flick it off.

    So…when I realized it had been too long since my outfit post, I asked my friend (the good sport that she is) Heather to snap a few photos (bless her precious soul). And out of 84 pictures taken total – only 11 of them are me with a straight or serious face. So, these are the photos I present to you.

    Warning: I. CAN. NOT. KEEP. IT. TOGETHER. Click through to see the photos (and hilarious captions).

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  • Ankle Cleavage For All

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    The phrase “ankle cleavage” sort of grosses me out – I imagine loose skin folding over around your ankle, creating LITERAL cleavage on your ankle. But…that’s not what it means. Ankle cleavage has been dominating the fashion world as we move into Spring…and I’m really into a lil’ ankle cleave.

    If you have ever walked into a J.Crew store, you’ll notice that all the employees look polished – and even look as if they are coordinating their outfits, middle school style. Well, all J.Crew employees have to follow [pretty strict] dress guidelines – one of which is to show ankle cleavage when wearing pants – man or woman. THANKS JENNA LYONS. No, but really…thanks Jenna Lyons. Ankle cleave is HOT HOT HOT.

    …plus, if you are tall like me (5’10″), lots of pants just show ankle cleavage by default! So it’s not that these pants are a little to short for me…it’s that I’m rocking the newest, sexiest trends. Watch out boys…ankle cleave comin’ through.

    Outfit DetailsJean Jacket – Vintage Levi’s (Similar) | Plaid Button Down – H&M (Old, Similar) | Olive Skinnies – Old Navy | Leopard Mary Janes – Anthropologie | Lipstick – Clinique Chubby Stick in Hibiscus 

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