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  • How Outfit Shoots With Me Really Go

    The story of a girl who just can’t keep her shit together.

    natasha jarmick of the chic curve outfit post fashion blogger laughing

    Outfit Details -  Washed Vans: Madewell; Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack: Nordstrom;  Flannel: Vintage, (similar); Top: H&M, (old, similar); Jewerly: Vintage & Marrin Costello;


    If you know me well, then you know that no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep a straight face. Staring contest? I’m blubbering 5 seconds in. Really serious, important moment where giggling is the last thing I should be doing? You’ll find me running out of the room, hands over mouth. Whatever switch people have that allows them to turn off their silliness – well I wasn’t programmed with the option to flick it off.

    So…when I realized it had been too long since my outfit post, I asked my friend (the good sport that she is) Heather to snap a few photos (bless her precious soul). And out of 84 pictures taken total – only 11 of them are me with a straight or serious face. So, these are the photos I present to you.

    Warning: I. CAN. NOT. KEEP. IT. TOGETHER. Click through to see the photos (and hilarious captions).

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  • Ankle Cleavage For All

    seattle fashion blogger leopard print shoes 1

    The phrase “ankle cleavage” sort of grosses me out – I imagine loose skin folding over around your ankle, creating LITERAL cleavage on your ankle. But…that’s not what it means. Ankle cleavage has been dominating the fashion world as we move into Spring…and I’m really into a lil’ ankle cleave.

    If you have ever walked into a J.Crew store, you’ll notice that all the employees look polished – and even look as if they are coordinating their outfits, middle school style. Well, all J.Crew employees have to follow [pretty strict] dress guidelines – one of which is to show ankle cleavage when wearing pants – man or woman. THANKS JENNA LYONS. No, but really…thanks Jenna Lyons. Ankle cleave is HOT HOT HOT.

    …plus, if you are tall like me (5’10″), lots of pants just show ankle cleavage by default! So it’s not that these pants are a little to short for me…it’s that I’m rocking the newest, sexiest trends. Watch out boys…ankle cleave comin’ through.

    Outfit DetailsJean Jacket – Vintage Levi’s (Similar) | Plaid Button Down – H&M (Old, Similar) | Olive Skinnies – Old Navy | Leopard Mary Janes – Anthropologie | Lipstick – Clinique Chubby Stick in Hibiscus 

    seattle fashion blogger leopard print shoes

    seattle fashion blogger leopard print shoes 4

    seattle fashion blogger leopard print shoes 5

    seattle fashion blogger leopard print shoes 3

    seattle fashion blogger leopard print shoes 16




  • Typical Seattle April

    seattle fashion blog outfit flannel leather bomber 1

    Outfit Details: Booties, Seychelles | Orange Socks, GAP | Leggings, GAP Body | Flannel, Urban Outfitters | Clutch, All Saints | Bomber Jacket, F21 | Scarf, F21

    April comes around every year, promising Spring, which I keep thinking means sun, puffy white clouds and perfect hiking weather. Nope. It’s like every year I have amnesia – because April in Seattle is ALWAYS full of rain. Showers, sprinklings, pouring, even hail…if it’s wet and it falls from the sky it’s going to happen in April. So my advice if you are ever planning to visit the beautiful city of Seattle: Don’t come in April! Sunny days are right around the corner…

    …but until then, I’ll be carrying around my umbrella. Many Seattleites say you tell somebody is a tourist if they are carrying an umbrella, because no true Seattle local would ever waste their strength carrying the silly thing. No – locals are hardcore, Northface-shell-wearing rain lovers who tromp through puddles in REI hiking boots and aren’t bothered by sopping wet jeans. They wouldn’t dare be caught dead standing under the portable shelter.

    Well, let me play the role of myth-buster for you. LOTS of Seattleites carry umbrellas. Why? Because we don’t always want to wear raincoats! Sometimes, we want to wear a little bomber jacket with faux leather sleeves instead…

    seattle fashion blog outfit flannel leather bomber jacket

    seattle fashion blog outfit flannel leather bomber jacket rain





  • The Ugly Pin

    A Narrative Lesson in Pinterest Naivety

    a lesson in pinterest - the ugly pin - a narrative story

    If you are like me – Pinterest has become that secret online affair that you turn to whenever work, life or blogging gets you down. You type the letters into your URL bar, and instantly you are transported to a magical online world full of beautiful photos. Nothing is too expensive or out-of-reach as you gracefully click and pin away all of your hopes, dreams and fantasies. Your boards are your own personal vacation and there are no budgets  or responsibilities to limit the possibilities of imagination and inspiration. Each board is sacred – holding a small piece of your soul – and careful time and consideration goes into the decision to pin each and every picture onto your profile.

    And then, just as you are entering a state of ecstasy, you see it; the most awful thing that can show up in a girl’s Pinterest feed: The Ugly Pin.

    You don’t know why this joy-sucking leech of a picture has invaded your otherwise harmoniously tiled screen. You try to quickly click into the (evil) user who pinned it, unfollow them, and then return to your feed; but by the time you take those steps and refresh the page your Pin-flow has been interrupted and you just can’t achieve the same state of euphoria. It’s official – you’ve left Pinterest paradise.

    And we’ve all been there – stuck wondering how and why you ever followed the person who committed this abominable act. How could you have been so naive? Perhaps they once pinned something so amazing – it didn’t occur to you to check in on the rest of their boards – you just blindly followed them after seeing that one amazing pin. Maybe you followed this user when you first signed up for Pinterest and you were thirsty for content – your standards were so much lower then – you hadn’t yet learnt proper curation and discipline in following.

    Don’t get too down on yourself – we were all once new to Pinterest. We were more forgiving of lower-quality content. Our tastes hadn’t matured to the level at which they now sit.

    And if you followed so many regrettable users that your Pinterest feed is beyond saving – go unfollow every single user. Wipe your slate completely clean. It will take time to build back up – but it will be worth it.

    Bonus! Below are 7 ladies who you should be following, but you have probably never heard of. These women so carefully curate their Pinterest content – I have never once seen even an ounce of questionability in their pins. Follow them now or forever hold your piece:

    • Audrey, Owner of Urbanic Paper Boutique (LA)
    • Andrea, Graphic Designer at Julep (Seattle)
    • Paola, Fashion Design Student
    • Catie, Blogger (Seattle)
    • Marion, Illustrator
    • Hannah, Blogger (NYC)
    • Brittni, Owner/Blogger at Paper ‘n Stitch (Seattle)

    And you can also follow me on Pinterest (and on Twitter too).