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  • 4 Make-Up Trends to Try this Winter

    Winter is one of the best times to try a new make-up trend – you don’t have the sun melting off your face, and bold faces are the centerpieces for potpourris of classic [faux] furs, pea coats and boots. I’ve rounded up my favorite make-up trends to try this season – all of which I’ve tried AND loved!

    1. Wide Eyed & Fresh

    My first and favorite look is a big, wide-eyed face. It doesn’t matter how small or big your eyes are – it’s all about drawing the focus to them and making them pop! Plus, guys dig this look because it’s somewhat natural and makes you look all doe-eyed and sweet (even though you may very well be evil…muahahaha)!

    How to get the look: Use a light eyeshadow that is just a bit darker than your own skin (I actually use my NARS bronzer) and cover your eyelid and just above your crease. Apply dark, thick mascara and focus on the bottom lashes – press the wand onto your eye lash line so it smudges onto your eye line (almost like eyeliner). Now take a white or off-white eyeliner pencil (my favorite is NARS) and line your bottom water line so it is no longer pink but white, making your eyes bigger and bolder. Final touch is taking a brightener and applying it on your brow-bone to add a bit of sheen and brightness to the area.

     white eyeliner wide eyed beauty make up trends winter 2013

    2. Sultry & Seductive

    This look is all about the pout and the smokey eye. It’s sexy and dangerous – proceed with caution – because going out with this face will make you a landmine waiting to blow-up potential suitors (ok I’m being dramatic but it’s one hot look!).

    How to get the look: You need black or dark brown eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, as well as some sort of brightener (the best in my opinion here). The trick to a flawless smokey eye is to do the eye makeup first THEN concealer, so you can flawlessly cover up the eye shadow dust and residue around the eyes. Start by covering your lid lightly in the dark shadow. Focus on the outer-half and crease. Now take your eyeliner and make a very thick line that covers 1/3 to 1/2 of your lid (you can add the winged-tip if you’re feeling flirty like below as well). Line the bottom of your eyes as well – and then dust powder over the bottom lash line where you applied the liner (this will keep it from smudging or fading away and create a messy-smokey look). Use a brightener around the brow-bone and around the eye where you don’t want dark/shadow. Apply concealer then mascara. Finish the look off with your favorite matte/satin (not too shiny) natural pink or nude lipstick (think creamy, kissy, poofy lips).

    sultry smokey sexy make up winter 2013 trends

    3. Oxblood Red Lip

    Oxblood is a big trend right now – but I love a dark red oxblood lip and haven’t seen enough ladies trying this look! Now while this look may not be kissable, it’s seductive enough to bring the boys to the yard.

    How to get the look: Apply a dark, blood red lipstick or lipstain (my favorite is YSL in Brun Glac). The only other make-up you need is your base concealer, light bronzer and black, full mascara! A bold eyebrow looks amazing with this look as well.

    oxblood lip color winter 2013 make up trends


    4. Au Naturel

    The last look is simple – no make-up at all! HA! Just kidding. The last look is wearing make-up that LOOKS like you’re not wearing make-up (so tricky, I know). Men and women alike love this look – and it allows your natural beauty to shine through (and slap haters in the face, which is a bonus).

    How to get this look: Do your normal moisturizer and concealer routine – and make sure you put enough on to give you flawless-looking skin, but so it does not look cakey. Now use a bronzer with a hint of shimmer and starting on top of your brow, brush a number three (brow to inner cheek to chin in a 3-shape!). On the apples of your cheek, apply a light, bright blush (enough so you looked flushed but not 80s-Madonna). Now rub some brightener on your cheekbones and eyelids (giving your eyelids sheen). Finish with some dark but not-clumpy mascara and a bit of lip-stain that brightens your natural lip color.

    au naturel natural make up trends winter 2013