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  • Oh Hey Commuter

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    Because being a bag lady in Birkenstocks is awesome.

    Outfit Details: Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Birkenstock Arizona Sandals: Nordstrom | Leather Jacket: Vintage | Linen Button Down: GAP (similar) | Jeans: GAP | Purse: ZARA | Totes Magotes Tote Bag: Forever21

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014 4

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014 6



  • Summer Wedding Fashion Duo

    summer wedding outfit ideas for girls and guys

    Oh Summer. You bring so much – sunshine, dresses, ice cream, and the reminder that I am not married, engaged or even close to shacking up with my dream man. Regardless of that thought…I actually love summer weddings. I’m a sucker for fruity cocktails, floral headdresses and outside dance parties. In fact it’s time for a confession: I love weddings. I even have a secret Pinterest board dedicated to tying the knot. But you’ll never see it. And many of you won’t even read this…because you just like to look at the pretty pictures…so my secret may never get out.

    And the wedding I attended was a beautiful one – one of those times where you can just feel how much love two people have for one another. Genuine love and hope for their future together. It was not only an adorable wedding, but a wonderful reminder that true love really does exist and sometimes stopping for a moment in time to appreciate it with friends and family can bring some light into your heart.

    Ok…enough of my mushy lovey-dovey-wovey talk. Let’s chat fashion.

    My original plan was to take all kinds of outfit photos – close ups of my hair, my jewels, my shoes…but the wedding was so much fun I completely forgot. So I have for you…one outfit photo. Thank me later.

    And BONUS! I snapped a picture of my good friend Jordan’s outfit, because he looked very suave and hip in his manfit. You go Jordan – get your man fashion on.

    So there you have it – a guy and gal summer wedding fashion duo.

    seattle summer wedding outfit fashion blogMy outfit:

    Dress – GAP (similar) | Belt – vintage | Shoes – Seychelle (similar) | Jewerly – J.Crew (similar)

    seattle summer wedding outfit fashion blog guys fashion 2



  • Gold & Leather


    Another sunny day in Seattle means this fashion blogger is trying to figure out how to style her normally layered wardrobe. With the Seattle weather gods whispering in my ear…don’t wear anything Natasha, just be cool and free…actually doing my make-up, putting on clothes, shoes and accessories and styling my hair seems like an unlikely thought. But I did it (except for my hair. I didn’t really do anything there.).

    The gold crop top I’m wearing is a fun vintage piece I found thrift shopping for Sasquatch – but it ended up not being quite warm enough for me to willingly sport a crop top – so this is the first time I’m wearing it outside of my apartment. The leather skirt is from SimplyBe (c/o, I also wore it for fall here). Belt and locket necklace are vintage. The cut-out wedges are Seychelles and are very comfortable (even though I think I make other people uncomfortable because I’m about 7 feet tall in them).

    And finally…one note about being curvy and hot weather. I see lots of women who are void of a 26 inch waist who insist on layering up in 85 degree weather. They won’t bare legs or arms (or mid drift) and it’s not because they don’t want to – it’s because they feel uncomfortable showing any skin. First off: girl I feel you. I personally understand that not having toothpick thin legs or bone-like arms means that my summer outfit doesn’t match up to that in popular magazines. But guess what – it’s doesn’t matter. A cute summer outfit is a cute summer outfit – whether it’s hanging loose on a thin frame or hugging on to curves and hips. Wear a tank. Put on that summer dress. Be confident in your body. You look amazing.

    And with that note…I wish you good weather and breezy outfits no matter how small or large your frame!

    Shops Open!

    Also a quick note – I recently updated the Chic Curve Shop with summer dresses and fun shoes – check it out!







  • 3 Things To Do in Seattle this (sunny) Weekend

    sunny in seattle 1

    All Seattleites know the deal: when the sun comes out you go outside and you get optimistic. The over-abundance of rain and gloom that usually fills the skies here in the Pacific Northwest means that the minute we see bright blue & white fluff above us, we sort of forget anything else is going on. No longer are we bitter, sarcastic Seattelites; we are now sunny, happy, spunky Seattleites ready to melt the “Seattle-freeze” and meet new people.

    So…if you want to meet new people in Seattle this weekend, check out a couple events around the area that promise to be a good time! Who knows, you may even run into *this* Seattle fashion blogger, running around town, in a sundress with margarita (on the rocks) in hand!

    SAM Remix – Friday at 8pm

    seattle art museum SAM remix june 2013

    The SAM Remix is a rare type of event to find in Seattle – it doesn’t involve hiking, or flannel, or breweries. In fact, at the last SAM Remix event I attended, it felt more like I was transported to NYC’s Brooklyn for the posh opening of a new art gallery. It’s a must-attend event, and includes dancing, DJs, art, music, craft cocktails, girls in pretty dresses, guys in slick slacks and the whos-who of the Seattle social scene. I’ll be there (wearing something I don’t have picked out yet…yikes) – so buy your tickets here (quickly, they sold out last time around). You can use the discount code blogremix0613 and get $5 off general admission. See you there!

    Frolik Rooftop Kitchen & Cocktails – All Weekend

    frolik seattle things to do summer in seattle 2013

    Confession: I haven’t yet been to this place. However I’ve been hearing such amazing things about it that I had to share. On a sunny weekend like this one – a rooftop bar  with delicious cocktails, fun bites, shuffleboard and ping-pong may be the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Happy Hour is from 4pm-10pm, and you can tweet them or like their Facebook page for a bigger scoop on this hot new Seattle gem.

    The Georgetown Carnival – Saturday at Noon

    georgetown carnival seattle things to do

    Quick warning: Georgetown is a funky Seattle neighborhood. So if you are a straight-laced fellow who doesn’t enjoy biker jackets, clowns, beer (a lot) and craziness – this may not be the event for you. However if you are looking for a good time plus amazing people watching (bonus!), you might want to check out this hip annual festival. You’ll find live music, “power tool racing”, beer gardens, “Dead Baby Bike race” and other random, ridiculous and creepy activities. Check out the carnival website and good luck.

    Of course the last thing you could do is try and find me. I’ll be doing things all around Seattle thing weekend, and sometimes I tweet about them. So why not play the best game ever, “Find Natasha this weekend and party with her”? Just a suggestion.