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  • Herbes De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea-Salt Scrub – The perfect last-minute gift!

    IMG_0081It’s almost Christmas, everyone. And if you’re like me, there are still a few people on your gift list who you haven’t checked off yet. This easy, DIY floral sea-salt scrub is the perfect, last-minute gift that is both thoughtful and fabulous. Who doesn’t want to scrub away their stress while breathing in aromas of lavender, sweet almond oil and orange blossom water? You might want to make an extra jar, for yourself :)

    I got the original body scrub recipe from the Fruetcake Blog - and I just altered a few things to make it my own. Most of the ingredients are available at your neighborhood grocery store – and if you have a Whole Foods or similar market around, they will definitely have all the things! See below for my recipe for Herbes De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea Salt Scrub!


    Herbs De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea-Salt Scrub (adapted from Fruetcake’s recipe)
    3 Cup Course Sea salt (you can regular sea salt if you desire a finer texture)
    1 ½ Cup Sweet Almond Oil
    16 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
    10 Drops Orange Blossom Water (usually in the fancy bartending aisle)
    3 Tbsp. Herbs de Provence
    6 Small Weck Jars

    1. In a bowl mix sea salt, oil, lavender and orange blossom water until well combined.
    2. Add Herbs de Provence and mix well.
    3. Spoon mixture into Weck jars. Sea salt scrub will last about 1 month in the bath/shower – label it with an expiration date.




  • Clogs Clogs Clogs

    seattle fashion blogger

    Outfit Details: Chambray Button Down, GAP | Chunky Knit Sweater, H&M (similar here) | Patched Boyfriend Jeans, GAP (also love these) | Buffalo Leather Clutch, Ampersand As Apostrophe (awesome local Seattle shop) | Clogs, Urban Outfitters  

    CLOGS. I finally got a pair. I’ve been eyeing the grandmas-favorite for a few months now – but couldn’t bring myself to shell out over $200 for a pair – knowing I wouldn’t wear them often enough to make the price worth it. So when a friend forwarded me the link to a pair from Urban Outfitters – that were real leather and wood – and UNDER $40 – I freaked. Then I immediately bought them. Now I’m breaking them in you guys, like Cher.

    Do you have a pair of clogs? Isn’t it surprising how comfortable they are? Beyond the ouchies of breaking the leather in – they are incredibly comfy, though a bit clunky. I really do tromp around my office in them – but I know all the darting eyes are just basic bitches jealous because they didn’t know clogs were on trend, and now they have to spend their PSL budget for the week on a new pair.

    Also – a note about that chambray shirt you wore and wore this summer. It gets to stay around for fall! It’s the perfect under-sweater companion – I even had a blog post last year doing the same thing with a different chambray shirt.

    That’s all for me, today. I hope you’ve been enjoying all my ranting over on Twitter lately – it’s getting real over there.

    seattle fashion blogger

    seattle fashion blogger


    seattle fashion blogger

    seattle fashion blogger




  • 5 Fall Wardrobe Staples for Cool Girls

    fall 2014 style tips seattle blog

    While the basic bitches are already out pumpkin-patching with knee-high boots, leggings, ear muffs and PSLs, you’re trying to figure out how to transition from summer to fall. You probably already have the basics I outlined in my summer must have post - like the perfect linen tee and a cross-body bag. Those staple items will be perfect for fall layers – so while the jorts & sandals may have to get tucked away, most other pieces are transformative and are still relevant as the season changes.

    These 6 items are perfect additions to your wardrobe for fall – and it’s a simple way to organize a shopping strategy for fall without completely breaking the bank or falling for trends that won’t last more than a season. You should already have a fall coat that you love, as well as scarves, beanies and fun socks. Pair these 6 refreshed items with your classic favorites and boom – you’re cool enough to get a PSL and not end up on a Buzzfeed list called something like 11 Typical Basic Girls Instagram Posts for Fall.

    1. The Perfect Flannel

    To wear buttoned & tucked in, open and with layers or tied around your waist with a sweater & skinnies.

    flannel style seattle blog

    My picks: Straight Size: Madewell Boyfriend Flannel Plus Size: ASOS Curve Plaid Flannel

    2. Black Jeans with a Twist

    Either distressed black skinnies or boyfriend jeans – or leather paneled black skinnies. Simple black jeans with some detail or twist to go with everything.

    skinny distressed black jeans seattle style

    My Picks: Straight Size: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans from Nordstrom | Plus Size: ASOS Curve Ripped Knee Skinnies

    3. Updated Booties

    An updated pair of short boots with little to no heel – for comfy wearing throughout the day. Pick either brown or black – whichever one your closet is missing.

    short boot black style seattle blog

    My Picks: Black Booties: Madewell Nico Bootie | Brown Booties: Top Shop Vintage Booties

    4. Dark Stripes

    Stripes are always in, we always need a little bit of Parisian in our closets no matter the season. Instead of your classic white & black stripe, try a darker grey & black.

    dark fall stripes seattle style

    My Picks: Straight Size: J.Crew Linen Swingy Stripe Shirt (on sale!)  | Plus Size: Nordstrom Stripe Block Tee

    5. Relaxed Knit

    A knit sweater that is perfectly relaxed and makes you want to drink cocoa and watch Miracle on 34th Street.  Find a simple one, with some interesting but subtle details.

    perfect fall sweater 2014 seattle blog

    My Picks: Straigtht Size: Madewell Uphill Pullover Sweater (it’s a splurge but it’s INCREDIBLE) | Plus Size: ASOS Curve Mustard Relaxed Sweater 

    All images taken from and are not property of The Chic Curve. For image sources please email 




  • Inspiration for the Week: YONCÉ


    beyonce seattle blogger coverage

    Last night, on the VMAs, Beyonce gave an incredible, 16-minute long performance covering almost her entire self-titled album. I usually don’t repost videos and do event coverage like this – but the show she put on was too good to miss.

    Sasha Fierce was out in full force last night, and she inspires the Tasha-Fierce within myself. Cause I woke up like this (and by “this” I mean I woke up looking a hot mess, put my hair in a shitty little bun on top of my head and dragged my bootylicious bum to workout class at 6am). But seriously – her confidence inspires girls everywhere, including myself. I know there are lots of Beyonce haters out there, but after watching this performance you have to admit, she is an amazing performer who is currently unparalleled in the world of music.

    Her talent – her body – her voice – she works so incredibly hard. She’s an inspiration and an icon. She owns her feminism, she owns her sex appeal and she creates an image for the world to see. And it’s a vision. Watch the full 16-minute performance from last night below and prepare to BOW DOWN BITCHES.