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  • Typical Seattle April

    seattle fashion blog outfit flannel leather bomber 1

    Outfit Details: Booties, Seychelles | Orange Socks, GAP | Leggings, GAP Body | Flannel, Urban Outfitters | Clutch, All Saints | Bomber Jacket, F21 | Scarf, F21

    April comes around every year, promising Spring, which I keep thinking means sun, puffy white clouds and perfect hiking weather. Nope. It’s like every year I have amnesia – because April in Seattle is ALWAYS full of rain. Showers, sprinklings, pouring, even hail…if it’s wet and it falls from the sky it’s going to happen in April. So my advice if you are ever planning to visit the beautiful city of Seattle: Don’t come in April! Sunny days are right around the corner…

    …but until then, I’ll be carrying around my umbrella. Many Seattleites say you tell somebody is a tourist if they are carrying an umbrella, because no true Seattle local would ever waste their strength carrying the silly thing. No – locals are hardcore, Northface-shell-wearing rain lovers who tromp through puddles in REI hiking boots and aren’t bothered by sopping wet jeans. They wouldn’t dare be caught dead standing under the portable shelter.

    Well, let me play the role of myth-buster for you. LOTS of Seattleites carry umbrellas. Why? Because we don’t always want to wear raincoats! Sometimes, we want to wear a little bomber jacket with faux leather sleeves instead…

    seattle fashion blog outfit flannel leather bomber jacket

    seattle fashion blog outfit flannel leather bomber jacket rain





  • Pumpkin Patching

    seattle fashion blogger goes pumpkin patch hunting fall 2012 1

    As you know…it’s October and fall is truly starting to show it’s orange and red colors here in the Pacific Northwest. And that means only one thing in October…PUMPKIN PATCH TIME! I headed out to a lovely pumpkin patch in the greater-Seattle area and ended up finding the perfect little pumpkin to hang out near my doorstep until I decide to gut the thing for all it’s seeds…and bake them into deliciousness.

    Oh, what’s that? You want to know what I’m wearing? Sure, sure. I’ll tell you. My little coat is from GAP (it’s old, but I love this one), striped shirt is from H&M (similar here), scarf is from Forever21 (old, similar here), boots I’ve had forever (but these and these are amazing).

    And if you can’t tell, I’m really into statement-socks sticking out of booties for this season. In fact I bought the most adorable pair of hen-socks from J.Crew this past weekend that I plan to flaunt near my ankles very soon!

    seattle fashion blogger goes pumpkin patch hunting fall 2012 3

    seattle fashion blogger goes pumpkin patch hunting fall 2012 4

    seattle fashion blogger goes pumpkin patch hunting fall 2012 2



  • Summer Gray Skies

    neutral shades fur and snakeskin

    neutral shades fur and snakeskin

    Though it is inching towards summer outside…I live in Seattle, and that means that no matter what, it will rain at least once a month. These pictures were taken late last week, right before our gorgeous, sunny (I know…shocking!) 3-day weekend. I’m in Pioneer Square in these photos, a very old and historical neighborhood in downtown Seattle (as well as the home of the homeless, though harmless!).

    Enough about Seattle (I swear their tourism board isn’t paying me…though maybe they should be) and let’s talk clothes. The fur jacket (or my bear fur as I like to call it) is from Nordstrom (old, but this one is cute too), the snakeskin dress is from H&M (old) and the sweater is from Old Navy (old, similar here). Jewelry is vintage, my adorable little sparkly purse was a gift (from J.Crew) and my “moon booties” are Nine West (but I like these and these). And my nails (see last picture) are Sally Hanson Salon Effects (c/o Reward Style, get them at Target).

    Hope everyone spent their 3-day weekend wisely – not working, definitely laughing & obviously drinking in good company :)

    neutral shades fur and snakeskin

    neutral shades fur and snakeskin

    seattle fashion neutral shades fur and snakeskin j crew




  • Boy Talk

    patch work mint hint


    Hello gorgeous.

    A quick personal moment before we chat fashion: I’ve realized something about men these past few months. Many of you may not know, I’m single and have been dating around for a few months – and it’s interesting to see how easy it is to actually figure out the basics on what guys are looking for. I’ve come up with a few things, a list if you will, of things most men want in a woman. Now, I’m not saying this list is complete or accurate – or that I possess these qualities (haha, no seriously, no) – but I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you agree.

    Most men want [in a woman/relationship]:

    • Physical attraction
    • To be challenged
    • Not to feel emasculated (while still being challenged)
    • A relationship that is relaxing and happy (an escape from stress at work, etc)
    This is my list – so far. One that I’ve really realized only recently is the “to be challenged” – contrary to what some may think, men want to be intellectually, humoursly, physically and emotionally challenged by a woman who can push their boundaries and grow together. Thoughts? Agree? Anything you’d add?

    …ok, now the clothes: The jacket is Vince Camuto – it was a steal from Nordstrom, and it reminds me of a more edgy version of that classic Chanel jacket we all love. The gold envelope clutch is from H&M (similar here), the mint flats are from ZARA and I love them, and my lipstick is MAC Rebel.