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  • The Loneliness Monster

    Overcome the sexy troll lurking under your pit-of-despair bridge, before you fall in.


    I’ve been in an ongoing battle with my loneliness monster for years — and it has become the struggle I don’t want to confront. I let it hide under my bed — I pretend it isn’t there. But it is there — and it’s going to be there every time I’m in-between relationships, anytime I have no specific love interest to dote upon, or whenever things aren’t going well with a significant other. I fucking hate the loneliness monster. But let’s take a step back.

    The entire concept of a “loneliness monster” stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend over sack lunches. I was trying to explain how I’ve been working on overcoming the urge to make bad decisions when I feel lonely—ones I know will end up being devastating for me in the long term. And then he gave that behavior a name, “the Loneliness Monster.”

    Of course! I now had a way of explaining the other Natasha — the one that sometimes creeps out after midnight, after a few drinks; who makes phone calls to people she knows that normal Natasha would never contact. She is bordering masochistic, she’s fucking crazy. This monster rears its ugly head and shoves normal Natasha off her course of growth, confidence and self-improvement. She is terrible.

    And no matter how many steps forward I take —eventually the loneliness monster sneaks out, sending me back a few (or more) strides.

    But I didn’t want to tell you about the loneliness monster with the hopes that we could all forever banish it. We can’t. It will always lurk —anytime things get shitty, it will be around, waiting to tempt you with easy fixes and rash decisions.

    I’m writing this to serve as a warning. I need you to know that if you aren’t careful, you will become the loneliness monster. Instead of it creeping out on occasion , you and the monster will become one. Making decisions as a team. Devastating your daily life. You’ll forget how to make real connections. You’ll stop believing in yourself. You’ll lose all confidence and hope for a better future. You will stop remembering how to get what you want; and you’ll only know how to satisfy in-the-moment cravings, leaving you feeling empty inside the moment you’ve swallowed that last bite.

    Please, don’t become the loneliness monster. Put up a fight — don’t give in to it. Struggle to overcome what haunts you. You may fall in and out of that pit, but don’t set up camp there. Climb, jump and scratch your way out.

    Keep your vulnerability close to you — allow yourself to be open and close with new people. Try feeling the pain of loneliness for the night — alone. Sometimes working through that feeling independently is the only way to heal yourself. Put down your phone — stop texting that person you rely too much on. Confront your loneliness monster, even take a few punches. But don’t let it knock you completely down.

    All images from Pinterest & are not my own.

  • Hair Chop & Product Magic

    ombre layered long hair style seattle blog


    I become bored with my hair pretty easily. I like low-maintenance hairstyles, because I don’t have the patience to spend any more than 15 minutes on my hair everyday (and let’s be real – spending 15 minutes is even a rare occurrence). I’m really into the whole wash-dry, quickly-throw in some product and- go hair movement. And that’s why I love going to Gene Juarez where there is no judgement as I plop down into my stylist’s chair and say “I want a fresh cut that is effortless, looks great, and doesn’t require more than 5 minutes to put together in the morning.” Yes, I am a blogger. And yes – I’m pretty simple when it comes to my hair.

    I brought in pictures of Sienna Miller’s relaxed yet chic hairstyle and Rose, my stylist, went to work. I’m so happy with the result. You may also notice the wonderful ombre coloring – that is from a previous visit to Gene Juarez (I talked a lot about it in a previous post). However this haircut makes the ombre color pop even more – which is like, total BONUS territory.

    My Hair after Washing Out the Stylist’s Wonderful Do

    Also: in the photo above, my hair has been perfectly styled by Rose (an amazing stylist at Gene Juarez – recommend her!) – and I know every woman knows the feeling of leaving the salon with a bounce in her step because her hair looks so incredible. However, getting home and trying to recreate that perfection often times results in a mess on top of your head. So, to be completely transparent, below is a picture of my attempt to style my new hair in a similar fashion. I’d say it turned out pretty good.

    ombre hair style curly long layered seattle blog

    Ladies With Fine/Flat Hair: Must-Read!

    One more thing. I have lots of hair – but it’s incredibly fine. What does this mean? It means my hair gets oily 5 minutes after I shower, it has a hard time holding any style, and it goes completely flat (especially towards the roots) as soon as I step out of the door. However – there are wonderful products you can use to fake fabulous, thick hair! I wanted to share them with you. You can find them below – these 2 products are the reason my hair is able to bounce, hold shine (but not oil) and remain soft & voluminous throughout the day.

    Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $42 | Identity Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner, $20 each

    how to volume fine hair long ombre blog



  • Texture

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion

    Outfit Details: Long Coat: ASOS | Scarf: Nordstrom | Top: Macys | Shoes: Zara (similar) | Bag: Zara (similar) | Wallet: Bought in Thailand | Lipstick: NARS Cruella

    Confession: I’m completely obsessed with my new ASOS jacket. It started off as one of those online orders that I knew I would either love or loathe – but after a few wears I realized that not only did I love it – it had become my go-to cold weather piece. The play on texture (see the image of the back of the coat below for details), the rose gold zippers, the dark blue (p)leather accents…it’s design perfection.

    Enough about my outerwear obsession. How about them HAWKS! Seattle, my wonderful city, is having it’s year in 2014. Macklemore won a few Grammys, the Seahawks just won the Superbowl (it feels surreal to say that out loud)…anyone who didn’t know about the greatness within this little-big city is now discovering it.

    Also…quick side note on my hair. I updated my color to the so-trendy ombré color late last year, but haven’t posted many pics of it since then. I got my color done at Gene Juarez – Patrice at the downtown Seattle location is a hair magician. For someone like me, who is always wearing my hair messy and accentuating my natural wavy texture, ombré color is the perfect easy-going addition. I think I’ll keep it this way for a while (or until I get bored and make an irrational decision, of course).

    And that’s about it folks, enjoy more outfit pics below!

    Photos taken by Chelle Ticeson Photography 

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion



  • Ninja Plaid


    Photos by Chelle Ticeson of FlashShotz Photography 

    If you know me, you know I love monotone black (remember this outfit?). Those waitresses at chic restaurants everywhere got it right – black is sophisticated, classic and edgy simultaneously. Plus – whenever I get to rock a dark outfit I get to run around like a ninja (sorry to the fruit guy at Trader Joe’s).

    This outfit is simple, comfy, and sprinkled with a few pops of trend. Also – can we take a moment (if you’re drinking something please pour a little out on the ground) to say thank you to the fashion gods for bringing back plaid and flannel? As a Seattle fashion blogger who remembers the (glorious) ’90s – this is a dream come true. You’re telling me I can tie an old flannel around my waist and I’ll look instantly cool? What place is this? I want to stay here.

    So, ladies (and gents, kind of of), grab your favorite black tee, some black yoga leggings, an oversized flannel and cute shoes; because this is now the outfit of the season. And if you really want to Man Repeller it – wear a plaid shirt AND tie a plaid shirt around your waist. Happy Fall :)

    Outfit Deets

    Black Tee: old | Yoga leggings: Target | Necklace: vintage (similar) | Fuzzy cardi: Forever21 | Bracelet: J.Crew (similar) | Clutch: J.Crew; Shoes: H&M