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  • Oh Hey Commuter

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    Because being a bag lady in Birkenstocks is awesome.

    Outfit Details: Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Birkenstock Arizona Sandals: Nordstrom | Leather Jacket: Vintage | Linen Button Down: GAP (similar) | Jeans: GAP | Purse: ZARA | Totes Magotes Tote Bag: Forever21

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014 4

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014

    oh hey commuter seattle fashion blogger outfit post spring 2014 6



  • Hair Chop & Product Magic

    ombre layered long hair style seattle blog


    I become bored with my hair pretty easily. I like low-maintenance hairstyles, because I don’t have the patience to spend any more than 15 minutes on my hair everyday (and let’s be real – spending 15 minutes is even a rare occurrence). I’m really into the whole wash-dry, quickly-throw in some product and- go hair movement. And that’s why I love going to Gene Juarez where there is no judgement as I plop down into my stylist’s chair and say “I want a fresh cut that is effortless, looks great, and doesn’t require more than 5 minutes to put together in the morning.” Yes, I am a blogger. And yes – I’m pretty simple when it comes to my hair.

    I brought in pictures of Sienna Miller’s relaxed yet chic hairstyle and Rose, my stylist, went to work. I’m so happy with the result. You may also notice the wonderful ombre coloring – that is from a previous visit to Gene Juarez (I talked a lot about it in a previous post). However this haircut makes the ombre color pop even more – which is like, total BONUS territory.

    My Hair after Washing Out the Stylist’s Wonderful Do

    Also: in the photo above, my hair has been perfectly styled by Rose (an amazing stylist at Gene Juarez – recommend her!) – and I know every woman knows the feeling of leaving the salon with a bounce in her step because her hair looks so incredible. However, getting home and trying to recreate that perfection often times results in a mess on top of your head. So, to be completely transparent, below is a picture of my attempt to style my new hair in a similar fashion. I’d say it turned out pretty good.

    ombre hair style curly long layered seattle blog

    Ladies With Fine/Flat Hair: Must-Read!

    One more thing. I have lots of hair – but it’s incredibly fine. What does this mean? It means my hair gets oily 5 minutes after I shower, it has a hard time holding any style, and it goes completely flat (especially towards the roots) as soon as I step out of the door. However – there are wonderful products you can use to fake fabulous, thick hair! I wanted to share them with you. You can find them below – these 2 products are the reason my hair is able to bounce, hold shine (but not oil) and remain soft & voluminous throughout the day.

    Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $42 | Identity Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner, $20 each

    how to volume fine hair long ombre blog



  • The Low-Maintenance Low-Bun

    how to messy low bun hair tutorial

    It’s a wonderful time to be a lazy woman with unmanageable hair right now, because messy, no-effort styles are totally in. And my current favorite of all those undone styles is the low-maintenance low-bun. You can be rushing out the door with 5 minutes to spare, and get your hair looking effortlessly chic (honest – the styles below take 5 minutes or less). Also – as a lady with finer hair, I know the struggles of seeing awesome hair ideas on Pinterest and then attempting them at home and watching the inspiration turn flat. I’ve written instructions for you with that in mind – anyone (with long enough hair) can pull off these 3 messy bun looks!

    The first look:

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  • Valentine’s Day for All

    Valentine’s Day is almost here, once again. And I have to admit – I’m really not a huge fan of this mushy, Hallmark holiday – but not for the reason you may think. The idea of having a day where you treat the one you love with intent and sweetness is wonderful. The part I don’t like is the pressure – OH SO MUCH PRESSURE. Whether you’re getting your loved one a gift, trying to pick out what to wear, trying to ask out a potential Valentine, or trying to avoid questions about your (night-in) plans on Valentine’s Day – it’s all so much build up of expectations that so often comes crashing down.

    So this Valentine’s Day, let up on that pressure valve a bit. Having a romantic night in with your sweetheart? Have a first date that happens to fall on V-day? Going out with the girls? Staying in alone for the night? Have fun with it! Relax. And don’t expect perfection from the night – you do not live in a romantic-comedy. You’ll have a better Valentine’s Day if you appreciate your current situation and whatever plans you may have for the night.

    And if you need some help getting inspired for the event – no matter what your relationship status may be – check out the inspiration boards below for Valentine’s Day night 2014.


    No. 1: “Been Togeths for Evs” Date Night

    What to wear Valentines Day 2014 date night seattle blog

    No. 1 Details: Pink Midi Skirt – | Floristry Cutwork Heels – | Jeweled Velvet Clutch –

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