Natasha Jarmick, owner/author of The Chic Curve, also offers Personal Styling services in the Seattle area, including event styling, personal shopping, closet consultation & indexing, plus-size/curvy wardrobe styling and more. Please contact Natasha at for rates and additional details.

All services include a free 30-minute personal style consultation with Natasha:

  • Personal Style Profile (1-2 hours): The most important thing about developing your own, unique style is that you feel comfortable and confident in your own clothing. Natasha will work with you to understand your tastes, preferences and optimal styling choices, and put together a personal style guide complete with the best cuts, shops, colors and more for your unique body, style & taste.
  • For-Your-Body Consultation: (2 hours) Everyone’s body is different – some of us are curvy, petite, tall, thin – and depending on what you have to work with, different styles and different cuts will flatter your body type. No matter if you are a size 2 or 20 – you can look sexy and feel confident & stylish in your clothes. Natasha will meet with you and give you a custom style guide for your body type & taste. This consultation includes an in-home closet session as well (see below).
  • Event/Fashion Styling: Big Date? Engagement photos? Performance? Important interview? Natasha will help you pick out the perfect outfit, along with hair & make-up, and make sure you look your best for your big day.
  • Personal Shopper (Per Hour): No time to shop? Or just need help picking out the right outfit? Natasha will do your bidding for you, on the sales floor of course. I will meet with you to do an initial style consultation, and get measurements, then go shopping for you.
  • In-Home Closet Consultation (2-3 hours): We all need to clean out our closets and figure out what we should throw out and keep. Natasha will come over to your house/apartment (don’t worry if your room is messy – she doesn’t mind!) and go through your closet with you, advising you on what to toss, what to keep and what to burn! She will also recommend a few key pieces that would benefit your wardrobe, and go through different outfits based on what you already own, creating an index of your items and how to pair them in different ways.
  • Shopping Companion Session (3 hours): Natasha will accompany you shopping and advise you on where to shop, what to try and and what to buy – and training you on how to shop for your body and your taste all the while.
To schedule a consultation please email Natasha at

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  1. I did not receive the memo that decreed that 14 became a “plus size”! I don’t care what the size is, I just get so frustrated with clothing that does not fit me! I am so happy to see you showing clothes that are not the ugly bag that most plus sizes show!

    I wish I were in the Seattle area in order to utilize your services. I hate shopping and hate putting outfits together! I used to be a regular in the two small clothing stores we had in town. Loved it, I would walk in and they would ask me where I was going and they would bring me appropriate clothes!

    I have tried the personal shopper thing at Nordies a couple of times. Once it was very successful, the second time, not so much. The day started out badly when the bras fitter insisted that I wore a 40 I bra! I told her that I had been fit the year before in a 38DD and would gladly go up to a DDDD. She got pissed and stormed off saying something about how much better I looked in this huge bra! If anything, I need them smashed in some not made to point forward more!!

    Keep up the good work. I worry about all these young girls who are so heaving, not just with a little cushion and juicy, but huge. Knowing how most girls have such a horrible self body image, it makes me wonder how they are dealing. Especially since most of the time their clothes are way too small and tight. Kind of the reverse of men who wear bikini underwear to make their goods look larger. Yes, they do.

    When I was in college, I was 5’7″, big boned, broad shouldered and big boobed. I remember getting down to 130 pounds, which looking at those pictures now, I was too thin. I remember sitting in the middle of a mall and bawling because I couldn’t fit in any shirts smaller than a 12 for a fitted shirt! I thought I was so fat. Many years and a kid later, I would love to see 130 on the bathroom scale not fly by. I felt fatter then than I do now!

    So what is it with an XL being a 12??? My mother wore XL and it was a 20!! She wasn’t that heavy, just the 5’10” version of me. I really do worry about these girls. I think that is why they are disfiguring their bodies with tattoos and piercing. They should all have to see what a tat looks like after a kid! Not a pretty sight. I am not a prude, but I don’t understand it. That is the only thing I can figure out, poor self image.

    If you ever care to branch out to CA, let me know!

    • Natasha says:

      Kathleen –

      Thanks for your kind comments. I agree – shopping and fashion’s image of what stylish people look like are not what they should be.

      I also offer online style consulting – if you are interested please email me! I’d love to help you out. I find that online shopping has a much bigger and better selection of clothes for women of any size!

      Thanks again,

  2. Ije says:

    Hi! Are your online style consulting services free?