• Pretty Little Bits for Not-So-Little Bits

    This post is sponsored by Perfects Australia , however all opinions and thoughts are my own. The Chic Curve only chooses partners that we think our readers will love ! 

    bras for big boobs chest

    Every lady loves a pretty pair of underwear, or that perfectly frilly, flattering lace bra. However, if you have a larger set of gals sitting up top, finding a cute bra that doesn’t look like some sort of torture device can be a difficult task. You either have to settle for beige, thick-straps and grandma-like bras, or pay an arm and a leg to buy a decent-looking but still supporting brassiere. It can be really frustrating – and I know, as a lady with her very own set of grande muchachas.

    So when Perfects Australia reached out to me and introduced their line of wonderfully girly under-pinnings, I was pleasantly surprised. They had adorable prints, sexy lace and beautiful satin bras in all kinds of sizes! However it didn’t mean anything until I was able to actually take one of their pieces for a test drive, so I immediately picked out a few different types of bras and awaited their arrival.

    After wearing a few different bras from their line, I have for you my honest thoughts on the pieces:


    • Lots of style choices – they don’t look like your typical “big boob bras”
    • Size range is awesome – most styles start at a C go up to a DDDD, which is equivalent to a G.
    • Very supportive – all the styles I tried were very supportive – and the materials seem thick and sturdy for long-lasting wear.
    • Thin Shoulder Straps – yes. THIN shoulder straps – even at the biggest cup size! This means you can wear a tiny tank top or cute dress over these bras without worrying about your giant ugly straps poking out.
    • Low price point – most of the bras range between $40-$50, which is about half the price of buying similar products at specialty lingerie shops.


    • They are VERY sexy – this might seem silly as a con, but if you are looking for a bra to minimize your boobs or de-emphasize them, these bras aren’t the ones. They are great for date nights, nights out with the girls, or even under a nice dress or tank top for work. But if you want an easy t-shirt bra that doesn’t put all the attention on your ladies, this is the best choice.
    • Most styles have padding or thicker cups – I couldn’t find a style without padding or with very thin cups when choosing my bras. If that’s something you like in a bra, this is a good-to-know.
    • Only available online – while the measurement chart worked really well for me, you can only currently purchase these bras online.


    I would recommend this line of bras to the ladies looking for one to two sexy bras to have in their lingerie arsenal. They have become my weekend go-tos and I adore the cute cuts and sexy lace.

    Check out Perfects Australia over at Kohls for yourself! Perhaps they will become your #FavoriteBra.

  • Inspiration for the Week: YONCÉ


    beyonce seattle blogger coverage

    Last night, on the VMAs, Beyonce gave an incredible, 16-minute long performance covering almost her entire self-titled album. I usually don’t repost videos and do event coverage like this – but the show she put on was too good to miss.

    Sasha Fierce was out in full force last night, and she inspires the Tasha-Fierce within myself. Cause I woke up like this (and by “this” I mean I woke up looking a hot mess, put my hair in a shitty little bun on top of my head and dragged my bootylicious bum to workout class at 6am). But seriously – her confidence inspires girls everywhere, including myself. I know there are lots of Beyonce haters out there, but after watching this performance you have to admit, she is an amazing performer who is currently unparalleled in the world of music.

    Her talent – her body – her voice – she works so incredibly hard. She’s an inspiration and an icon. She owns her feminism, she owns her sex appeal and she creates an image for the world to see. And it’s a vision. Watch the full 16-minute performance from last night below and prepare to BOW DOWN BITCHES.


  • How to Wear PJ Pants

    pj patterned pants trend chic curve Seattle blog

    Outfit Details: Printed Pajama Pant via Macy’s (similar here and here, also love these) | Leopard Print Slip-Ons via Nordstrom (similar) | Washed Boyfriend Tank via GAP (similar here) | Necklace via J.Crew (on sale!)


    Pajama pants are in. I’m serious. They are actually in style right now. Do you HEAR ME? You can literally roll out of bed, throw on some cute shoes and a slouchy tank, smear on some lip color and look like you have a fashion blog. This is the BEST. THING. EVER.

    Here are my 3 rules for styling PJ pants (so you look stylish, not homeless):

    1. Crop or cinch the bottoms. The leg should either end tapered in, or you should roll up or cinch them so they do.
    2. Wear really, really cute shoes. It doesn’t matter if they are sandals, slip-in sneakers or heels. Prove that you are fabulous and rocking PJs by showing off your great taste in shoes.
    3. Tuck in your shirt. This is a must for me. It gives off the perfect balance of put-together and chic-mess.

    And that’s all I really have to say. Get out there and get some stylish pajama pants. RIGHT. NOW.

    pj patterned pants trend chic curve Seattle blog

    pj patterned pants trend chic curve Seattle blog

    pj patterned pants trend chic curve Seattle blog



  • I Went Dark

    ombre hair dark collar bone length seattle

    I’ve had ombre hair for a couple years now. It’s been fun. Flipping my hair around, feeling like that tan, Cali girl who somehow ended up in cloudy Seattle. But, I will always return to my roots: dark hair. And in this case, I went even darker.

    I paired the solid dark color with a collar-bone length cut (which apparently looks good on everyone). I’m in love with the deep color – it’s rich and my hair is bouncy and shiny again (until I ruin it and get back to the salon for them to fix…hehe). Normally, I go to Gene Juarez to get my color/cuts done – but this time I ventured to a new salon in Seattle. Robert Leonard Salon & Spa did an incredible job – and I fell in love with both my colorist and stylist. Eric Weir did the color – and I was so impressed with the results seeing as it was a drastic change. Then, Tyson Rogers did the cut. What a joy Tyson was – he’s one of those perfectly enjoyable people who can chat Beyonce, cut your hair and look fabulous all at the same time. I highly recommend both of these talented men if you are looking for a hair update.

    Enough talk. Here’s more hair pictures. And if you are thinking about getting a mane-change, definitely consider checking out the RL Salon.

    Hair color and cut was courtesy of Robert Leonard Salon. My comments about the salon are my honest opinions. 

    ombre hair dark collar bone length seattle


    ombre hair dark collar bone length seattle