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  • Pretty Little Bits for Not-So-Little Bits

    This post is sponsored by Perfects Australia , however all opinions and thoughts are my own. The Chic Curve only chooses partners that we think our readers will love ! 

    bras for big boobs chest

    Every lady loves a pretty pair of underwear, or that perfectly frilly, flattering lace bra. However, if you have a larger set of gals sitting up top, finding a cute bra that doesn’t look like some sort of torture device can be a difficult task. You either have to settle for beige, thick-straps and grandma-like bras, or pay an arm and a leg to buy a decent-looking but still supporting brassiere. It can be really frustrating – and I know, as a lady with her very own set of grande muchachas.

    So when Perfects Australia reached out to me and introduced their line of wonderfully girly under-pinnings, I was pleasantly surprised. They had adorable prints, sexy lace and beautiful satin bras in all kinds of sizes! However it didn’t mean anything until I was able to actually take one of their pieces for a test drive, so I immediately picked out a few different types of bras and awaited their arrival.

    After wearing a few different bras from their line, I have for you my honest thoughts on the pieces:


    • Lots of style choices – they don’t look like your typical “big boob bras”
    • Size range is awesome – most styles start at a C go up to a DDDD, which is equivalent to a G.
    • Very supportive – all the styles I tried were very supportive – and the materials seem thick and sturdy for long-lasting wear.
    • Thin Shoulder Straps – yes. THIN shoulder straps – even at the biggest cup size! This means you can wear a tiny tank top or cute dress over these bras without worrying about your giant ugly straps poking out.
    • Low price point – most of the bras range between $40-$50, which is about half the price of buying similar products at specialty lingerie shops.


    • They are VERY sexy – this might seem silly as a con, but if you are looking for a bra to minimize your boobs or de-emphasize them, these bras aren’t the ones. They are great for date nights, nights out with the girls, or even under a nice dress or tank top for work. But if you want an easy t-shirt bra that doesn’t put all the attention on your ladies, this is the best choice.
    • Most styles have padding or thicker cups – I couldn’t find a style without padding or with very thin cups when choosing my bras. If that’s something you like in a bra, this is a good-to-know.
    • Only available online – while the measurement chart worked really well for me, you can only currently purchase these bras online.


    I would recommend this line of bras to the ladies looking for one to two sexy bras to have in their lingerie arsenal. They have become my weekend go-tos and I adore the cute cuts and sexy lace.

    Check out Perfects Australia over at Kohls for yourself! Perhaps they will become your #FavoriteBra.

  • Valentine’s Day for All

    Valentine’s Day is almost here, once again. And I have to admit – I’m really not a huge fan of this mushy, Hallmark holiday – but not for the reason you may think. The idea of having a day where you treat the one you love with intent and sweetness is wonderful. The part I don’t like is the pressure – OH SO MUCH PRESSURE. Whether you’re getting your loved one a gift, trying to pick out what to wear, trying to ask out a potential Valentine, or trying to avoid questions about your (night-in) plans on Valentine’s Day – it’s all so much build up of expectations that so often comes crashing down.

    So this Valentine’s Day, let up on that pressure valve a bit. Having a romantic night in with your sweetheart? Have a first date that happens to fall on V-day? Going out with the girls? Staying in alone for the night? Have fun with it! Relax. And don’t expect perfection from the night – you do not live in a romantic-comedy. You’ll have a better Valentine’s Day if you appreciate your current situation and whatever plans you may have for the night.

    And if you need some help getting inspired for the event – no matter what your relationship status may be – check out the inspiration boards below for Valentine’s Day night 2014.


    No. 1: “Been Togeths for Evs” Date Night

    What to wear Valentines Day 2014 date night seattle blog

    No. 1 Details: Pink Midi Skirt – | Floristry Cutwork Heels – | Jeweled Velvet Clutch –

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  • Texture

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion

    Outfit Details: Long Coat: ASOS | Scarf: Nordstrom | Top: Macys | Shoes: Zara (similar) | Bag: Zara (similar) | Wallet: Bought in Thailand | Lipstick: NARS Cruella

    Confession: I’m completely obsessed with my new ASOS jacket. It started off as one of those online orders that I knew I would either love or loathe – but after a few wears I realized that not only did I love it – it had become my go-to cold weather piece. The play on texture (see the image of the back of the coat below for details), the rose gold zippers, the dark blue (p)leather accents…it’s design perfection.

    Enough about my outerwear obsession. How about them HAWKS! Seattle, my wonderful city, is having it’s year in 2014. Macklemore won a few Grammys, the Seahawks just won the Superbowl (it feels surreal to say that out loud)…anyone who didn’t know about the greatness within this little-big city is now discovering it.

    Also…quick side note on my hair. I updated my color to the so-trendy ombré color late last year, but haven’t posted many pics of it since then. I got my color done at Gene Juarez – Patrice at the downtown Seattle location is a hair magician. For someone like me, who is always wearing my hair messy and accentuating my natural wavy texture, ombré color is the perfect easy-going addition. I think I’ll keep it this way for a while (or until I get bored and make an irrational decision, of course).

    And that’s about it folks, enjoy more outfit pics below!

    Photos taken by Chelle Ticeson Photography 

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion

    Texture ASOS coat seattle fashion



  • 12th (wo)Man

    seattle seahawks fashion 12th woman

    In case you didn’t already know…the Superbowl is on Sunday. And I’m incredibly proud to say my hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks, will be playing on Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

    If you’ve followed me via Instagram…you already know that I’ve been pretty hyped up on Hawks pride lately. So I thought…why not devote the last and most important #BlueFriday of the season on my blog to the 12th man. You can also watch this video which is the live reaction when the Seahawks won their last playoff game (it’s me, and my friends, screaming like crazies, FYI).

    Quick outfit breakdown: Jean Jacket, Vintage | Red Plaid Scarf, H&M | 12th Man Tee, Seahawks Pro Shop | Printed skinnies, GAP | Booties, H&M.

    All photos taken by Chelle Ticeson.


    seattle seahawks fashion 12th woman


    seattle seahawks fashion 12th woman


    seattle seahawks fashion 12th woman

    seattle seahawks fashion 12th woman