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  • Ombré-less Hair Color Ideas

    ombre over

    Do ombrés really have more fun? Have we reached peak-ombré? These are the important questions we must be asking ourselves at a time like this. Ombré is everywhere right now – and I’ll admit that I (proudly) rocked my ombré-do for a long time. It still looks great, and it’s an obvious choice for summer. 

    …but lately I’ve been craving the rich, deep tones of more natural hair colors – a creamy honey or smooth dark chocolate tone is too delicious to ignore. So, if you are like me, and feeling like you want a new dye-job, but want to go sans-trend, bring one of these ombré-less inspiration photos to your stylist and get back to your (or someone else’s) roots. 




  • Herbes De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea-Salt Scrub – The perfect last-minute gift!

    IMG_0081It’s almost Christmas, everyone. And if you’re like me, there are still a few people on your gift list who you haven’t checked off yet. This easy, DIY floral sea-salt scrub is the perfect, last-minute gift that is both thoughtful and fabulous. Who doesn’t want to scrub away their stress while breathing in aromas of lavender, sweet almond oil and orange blossom water? You might want to make an extra jar, for yourself :)

    I got the original body scrub recipe from the Fruetcake Blog – and I just altered a few things to make it my own. Most of the ingredients are available at your neighborhood grocery store – and if you have a Whole Foods or similar market around, they will definitely have all the things! See below for my recipe for Herbes De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea Salt Scrub!


    Herbs De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea-Salt Scrub (adapted from Fruetcake’s recipe)
    3 Cup Course Sea salt (you can regular sea salt if you desire a finer texture)
    1 ½ Cup Sweet Almond Oil
    16 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
    10 Drops Orange Blossom Water (usually in the fancy bartending aisle)
    3 Tbsp. Herbs de Provence
    6 Small Weck Jars

    1. In a bowl mix sea salt, oil, lavender and orange blossom water until well combined.
    2. Add Herbs de Provence and mix well.
    3. Spoon mixture into Weck jars. Sea salt scrub will last about 1 month in the bath/shower – label it with an expiration date.




  • Seven Hair Salon & Giveaway

    seven hair salon seattle blogger style life

    [just here for the giveaway? scroll down to the end of the post!]

    Have you ever been to Seven hair salon in downtown Seattle? I hadn’t either – and before my first visit, I would ask friends that question, and they almost always responded with “oh you mean that place with a DJ and full espresso bar?!” And while it’s true – they have a sweet, non-douchey DJ spinning in the salon as well as a delicious (and complimentary) espresso bar – there was something far, far better at Seven hair salon: excellent service and talent.

    airdryhairtest seattle style blog

    I had the chance to visit Jacob for a cut & color – and not only did he make me feel fabulous from the first seat in his chair, but he gave me a style that passed the air-dried hair test. That’s right. How do you know when a stylist knows what they are doing? You can let your hair air-dry after a shower (with a bit of recommended product worked into wet hair, of course) – and it will still look amazing. As you can see from my air-dried hair test photo above – he did just that. If you are in the market for a cut, color or blow-out, check out Jacob at Seven in Seattle – he’ll give you that perfect, care-free style that every girl loves.

    Now – how about a giveaway?


    Another awesome thing about Seven hair salon – they formulate and make their own haircare product line! Their line includes everything from shower, to style to refresh. I’ve been using a bunch of them and my favorites are the Diamond Serum, Forte Hairspray and Boost Lotion. And I’m going to giveaway a luxury set of Seven haircare products! All you have to do is use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Good luck lovelies!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway



  • Product Spotlight: R+Co Hair Line at Gene Juarez Salon

    r+co hair product line gene juarez

    One of the best parts about being a style blogger is the opportunity to try out new products – and a well-kept secret about me: I’m a beauty product junkie. The perfect dry shampoo, the brightest under-eye cream and the most volume-adding shampoo: I’ve searched and found them all. So when Gene Juarez reached out to me to try out a new hair product line they are carrying – I was SO in.

    Gene Juarez is a wonderful salon & spa with locations in the Seattle area – and no matter what service you get and which salon you go to – the service is always top-notch. I had the opportunity to visit the downtown salon and have my hair styled – using the R+Co product line which Gene Juarez exclusively carries in the Pacific Northwest. I then got to take home my favorites. It was an awesome experience and I’m excited to share these products with you!

    Now let’s talk product. Another thing about me: I work at a creative agency and am completely obsessed with design. As you can see from the gorgeous product photos – R+Co is not just a hair product line but a beautiful packaging design example. This rare combination means love-at-first-sight for me – and hopefully now, for you.

    r+co gene juarez seattle hair product

    When I tried out the products, I came away with my favorites: the Death Valley dry shampoo, Aircraft pomade mousse and Outer Space flexible hair spray. My hair is fine and naturally a bit wavy – too much product weighs it down and anything oily will ruin my hair style. Combining the dry shampoo, pomade mousse and hair spray keep my waves natural, keep my roots from getting oily and gives my hair a natural sheen & bounce.

    You can buy these products locally (Seattle) at Gene Juarez, one of my favorite hair salons in the city. Or, if you are outside of the Seattle area, you can purchase them online at the R+Co website. Now, a quick hair style tutorial.

    half bun hair style tutorial fine hair r+co

    The coolest of all hair styles right now is the half-bun (and the Man Repeller said it, so it’s bible guys). This hair style works for almost any hair length/type and takes about 5 minutes to pull together. For lazy style bloggers like me – that’s the only kind of hair style I’m willing to invest in. Here’s how to do the oh-so-cool half-bun hair style:

    Half-Bun How-To with R+Co Hair Product Line from Gene Juarez Salon & Spa

    1. Start with dry or damp hair – doesn’t need to be freshly washed (works better if it’s not, actually).
    2. Shake up the Death Valley Dry Shampoo bottle and spray on to your roots, lifting up sections of hair to get underneath on the sides of the crown of your head. Use your fingers to work in the dry shampoo, giving yourself a nice lil’ head massage.
    3. Use a hair dryer to heat up your roots, and continue to work in the dry shampoo. This will heat up the natural oils from you scalp and allow you to distribute them down through your roots for a more even hair texture (and less oily roots – my issue). You can use a brush or wide-tooth comb to gently work the oils down to your roots. Don’t actually brush out your hair – you want to keep your natural texture and/or waves.
    4. Now, spray a quarter-sized amount of the Aircraft Pomade Mousse into the palm of your hand and gently rub your hands together. Take your hands and grab the sides of your hair, and start to scrunch up sections of the hair, working in the mousse product. You can use more or less product depending on how much hair you have – and make sure to go under the first layer of hair. But – less product is always better – so don’t go cray cray on the mousse. Unless you’re going for that crunchy-look.
    5. Your hair should start looking a bit messy and wavy. That’s perfect. Now, gather a section of hair on the top of your head (see picture above for how much) and start to use your fingers to comb it back and pull it together with your hands. You are going to very casually twist your hair into a bun and secure it with an elastic. Pull some strands from the base of the bun to loosen up the hair – you want to loose messy and chic.
    6. Finally, use the Outer Space Hair Spray to secure your style in place. You just need a few, small sprays, followed by scrunching up the sides of your hair to keep everything looking natural and messy.

    And if this seems daunting or too hard to do yourself – go get your hair styled at Gene Juarez! I recommend booking Rose at the downtown salon – you can show her this blog post and she’ll teach you how to do it yourself!