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  • Pike Place Market in the Fall

    pike place market seattle tourism

    I’ve lived in Seattle nearly all my life, and when a friend or family member comes to visit I often have trouble figuring out where to take them. I know Seattle from my personal point of view – my favorite bars, my favorite dive-y Mexican joints, the best local cafes and my preferred running routes. But when a first-time visitor comes to this beautiful city, the one place that I KNOW they will want to see (and actually love) is Pike Place Market.

    So that’s exactly what I did when a friend who I met studying abroad in Ireland back in 2008 came to visit. We had so much fun playing tourist around the market, walking down to the waterfront, checking out the Great Wheel and strolling through the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park. I took the opportunity to take some colorful shots of what tourism in Seattle looks like during October – crunchy leaves, cloudy skies and breaks of golden sun make for some incredible photos. I hope you enjoy them – and perhaps it’s time to play tourist in your own city before the lovely early fall season is over.

    pike place market seattle tourism

    pike place market seattle tourism

    pike place market seattle tourism

    pike place market seattle tourism

    pike place market seattle tourism

    pike place market seattle tourism

    pike place market seattle tourism



  • Inspiration for the Week: YONCÉ


    beyonce seattle blogger coverage

    Last night, on the VMAs, Beyonce gave an incredible, 16-minute long performance covering almost her entire self-titled album. I usually don’t repost videos and do event coverage like this – but the show she put on was too good to miss.

    Sasha Fierce was out in full force last night, and she inspires the Tasha-Fierce within myself. Cause I woke up like this (and by “this” I mean I woke up looking a hot mess, put my hair in a shitty little bun on top of my head and dragged my bootylicious bum to workout class at 6am). But seriously – her confidence inspires girls everywhere, including myself. I know there are lots of Beyonce haters out there, but after watching this performance you have to admit, she is an amazing performer who is currently unparalleled in the world of music.

    Her talent – her body – her voice – she works so incredibly hard. She’s an inspiration and an icon. She owns her feminism, she owns her sex appeal and she creates an image for the world to see. And it’s a vision. Watch the full 16-minute performance from last night below and prepare to BOW DOWN BITCHES.


  • The Importance of Mindset

    I’ve been thinking about what it takes to truly change lately – to do something you’ve never done – to achieve greatness in your own life. And while there are many factors that play into the success of a journey – I decided that mindset was the most important.

    health fitness seattle blogger

    Mindset is what I’ve been trying to focus in on lately. Understanding why I want what I want – and then making sure that I am thinking through my goals completely. I tried asking myself things like, what is going to make this hard to achieve? Why haven’t you accomplished this before? Who or what might stand in your way? What subconscious lies or excuses are you making for yourself? How are YOU standing in your own way?

    For me – that thing that I am working towards is related to health & fitness. I’m working towards becoming a healthier person – both internally and externally. I’m also working on becoming fit – getting into amazing shape. I want to run like I’m a runner. I want to do Crow like a yogi master. And I want the strong, healthy body and mind that comes along with those things. Getting to a point of achieving my wellness goals will take a lot of time and persistence – and the only way I’ll be successful is if I get my mindset right.

    health fitness blog

    In order to figure out how to understand, adjust and improve my mindset, I decided to make a list. Something I love doing. Lists for everything. But this list would be concise – it would focus in on the core of my journey. It would put everything out there in the open – no hiding, no excuses. The exercise of creating this list – and really spending time thinking through it – made me feel powerful.

    Here is my “mindset points” list.

    My Mindset: Health & Fitness in My Life

    • This is something you want. Something you like. Something you enjoy.
    • This is not a temporary fix.
    • There is no going back to how it was.
    • There is no old-you that you will resume.
    • Admit these things firstly to yourself. Accept them.
    • Tell your friends, your family, that you want to make a change. Be open about what you are trying to achieve.
    • You will subconsciously hold yourself more accountable if the people you love and spend time with are aware of what you are trying to do.
    • Stop making excuses. You like making excuses, and you can be really good at it. Just stop.
    • This is attainable – you just have to remain persistent, and be consistent everyday for the rest of your life.
    • What you do every day will affect your future more than things you do once and a while. The everyday you is who you really are.

    If you had to make a list of mindset points for your goal, what would it look like? Being intentional with every day of your life is the easiest way to feel happy and fulfilled. Start today.

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  • The Loneliness Monster

    Overcome the sexy troll lurking under your pit-of-despair bridge, before you fall in.


    I’ve been in an ongoing battle with my loneliness monster for years — and it has become the struggle I don’t want to confront. I let it hide under my bed — I pretend it isn’t there. But it is there — and it’s going to be there every time I’m in-between relationships, anytime I have no specific love interest to dote upon, or whenever things aren’t going well with a significant other. I fucking hate the loneliness monster. But let’s take a step back.

    The entire concept of a “loneliness monster” stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend over sack lunches. I was trying to explain how I’ve been working on overcoming the urge to make bad decisions when I feel lonely—ones I know will end up being devastating for me in the long term. And then he gave that behavior a name, “the Loneliness Monster.”

    Of course! I now had a way of explaining the other Natasha — the one that sometimes creeps out after midnight, after a few drinks; who makes phone calls to people she knows that normal Natasha would never contact. She is bordering masochistic, she’s fucking crazy. This monster rears its ugly head and shoves normal Natasha off her course of growth, confidence and self-improvement. She is terrible.

    And no matter how many steps forward I take —eventually the loneliness monster sneaks out, sending me back a few (or more) strides.

    But I didn’t want to tell you about the loneliness monster with the hopes that we could all forever banish it. We can’t. It will always lurk —anytime things get shitty, it will be around, waiting to tempt you with easy fixes and rash decisions.

    I’m writing this to serve as a warning. I need you to know that if you aren’t careful, you will become the loneliness monster. Instead of it creeping out on occasion , you and the monster will become one. Making decisions as a team. Devastating your daily life. You’ll forget how to make real connections. You’ll stop believing in yourself. You’ll lose all confidence and hope for a better future. You will stop remembering how to get what you want; and you’ll only know how to satisfy in-the-moment cravings, leaving you feeling empty inside the moment you’ve swallowed that last bite.

    Please, don’t become the loneliness monster. Put up a fight — don’t give in to it. Struggle to overcome what haunts you. You may fall in and out of that pit, but don’t set up camp there. Climb, jump and scratch your way out.

    Keep your vulnerability close to you — allow yourself to be open and close with new people. Try feeling the pain of loneliness for the night — alone. Sometimes working through that feeling independently is the only way to heal yourself. Put down your phone — stop texting that person you rely too much on. Confront your loneliness monster, even take a few punches. But don’t let it knock you completely down.

    All images from Pinterest & are not my own.