Ombré-less Hair Color Ideas

ombre over

Do ombrés really have more fun? Have we reached peak-ombré? These are the important questions we must be asking ourselves at a time like this. Ombré is everywhere right now – and I’ll admit that I (proudly) rocked my ombré-do for a long time. It still looks great, and it’s an obvious choice for summer. 

…but lately I’ve been craving the rich, deep tones of more natural hair colors – a creamy honey or smooth dark chocolate tone is too delicious to ignore. So, if you are like me, and feeling like you want a new dye-job, but want to go sans-trend, bring one of these ombré-less inspiration photos to your stylist and get back to your (or someone else’s) roots. 




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  1. Lindsey says:

    I plan on doing exactly that at my appointment next week! Cutting off 3 inches and thinking of a golden honey color.