5 Interior Design Tips for Your Tiny Space in the Big City


Not everyone can live in an open, modern space – especially if you live in a big city. My apartment is just under 600 square feet – with a giant, awkward wall that blocks the entire kitchen from the living room. When space and floor plan are lacking, you have to use creativity to make the most of your home. And recently I did just that: I set a [small] budget, did a lot of Pinterest-inspiration searching, and I rearranged my living, dining and kitchen areas. The result? More space for living, less clutter and a modern look. 

Thinking creatively about your space requires you to let go of the way you currently have things laid out and to start completely fresh. To begin thinking about your floor plan differently, here are some interior design tips for smaller living spaces: 

1. Walls don’t have to define the space

Think outside the wall – the back of your couch doesn’t have to be pressed against it! Try pulling furniture away from the wall – and even using couches and chairs to separate one room into two spaces (like a living and dining area).



2. Small wall shelves = extra square footage

Think wall shelving in the kitchen, living and dining rooms – instead of a side table or chest to hold small or decorative items, save space with simple wall shelves.



3. Create a space for conversation

You can have both a television AND a conversational living room layout. Try turning the couch and chairs to face one another, and placing the other focal point (TV, decor) of the room a bit off to the side. Make your room a place where people can cozy up and watch a movie together – or face each other and chat about life, cocktail in hand. 



4. Use rugs to separate a room into defined areas

Create definition from the ground up! Use different rugs to carve out areas of a room – like putting a rug under a dining table, and centering your living room furniture around a different rug. 



5. Big, bright wall art sets the tone for the entire space

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a big, bright piece. If you are crafty – try buying a couple tubes of paint and creating something simple and modern on your own. Or, head to Ikea or Target to find a big, bright print that you can frame!  



 If you are looking for even more inspiration, check out my interior design Pinterest board!

Images curated from Pinterest. Original links:  Image in List Item 1, DIY Triangle Shelves, Image in List Item 3, Image in List Item 4, Image in List Item 5 
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