Herbes De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea-Salt Scrub – The perfect last-minute gift!

IMG_0081It’s almost Christmas, everyone. And if you’re like me, there are still a few people on your gift list who you haven’t checked off yet. This easy, DIY floral sea-salt scrub is the perfect, last-minute gift that is both thoughtful and fabulous. Who doesn’t want to scrub away their stress while breathing in aromas of lavender, sweet almond oil and orange blossom water? You might want to make an extra jar, for yourself :)

I got the original body scrub recipe from the Fruetcake Blog – and I just altered a few things to make it my own. Most of the ingredients are available at your neighborhood grocery store – and if you have a Whole Foods or similar market around, they will definitely have all the things! See below for my recipe for Herbes De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea Salt Scrub!


Herbs De Provence & Orange Blossom Sea-Salt Scrub (adapted from Fruetcake’s recipe)
3 Cup Course Sea salt (you can regular sea salt if you desire a finer texture)
1 ½ Cup Sweet Almond Oil
16 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 Drops Orange Blossom Water (usually in the fancy bartending aisle)
3 Tbsp. Herbs de Provence
6 Small Weck Jars

1. In a bowl mix sea salt, oil, lavender and orange blossom water until well combined.
2. Add Herbs de Provence and mix well.
3. Spoon mixture into Weck jars. Sea salt scrub will last about 1 month in the bath/shower – label it with an expiration date.




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