Cool Girls – The Summer 8

cool girl style summer 2014

It’s cool to be cool again…just in time for summer. Pictures of these ‘cool girls’ have been littering my Pinterest and Tumblr feeds – with their messy hair, ratty shorts and perfectly slouchy tees. But, I kinda like it. The idea of an easy, light and simple summer wardrobe means you can invest in a few basics and then accessorize the rest with cheap jewels and flea-market finds.

I’ve been slowly but surely building my “cool girl” summer closet, it’s the best thing I’ve done for my wardrobe since investing in a pair of leather booties last fall. But I wouldn’t want to leave you high-and-dry, no, I want to share with you the secret to achieving that it’s-whatever-I-just-woke-up-and-threw-this-on-but-I-look-like-Parisian-chic-but-mixed-with-NYC-hipness look.

So here it is: the 8 summer items you need to find, buy and wear until they have “cool girl” rips and tears. And then wear them some more. Dang, you’re looking cooler already, girl.

1. Perfect Linen Tee

This is so crucial. Linen is breathable and loose-fitting, making it the PERFECT summer fabric. And finding that perfectly slouchy but flattering linen tee is a goal worth pursuing.

linen tee madewell

Linen Timeoff Tee via Madewell


2. Casual, Flowy Dress

This dress has to be flowy and loose fitting – but not to the point of moo-moo territory. Find the right fit and you’ll be set for summer with just one perfect sundress.

sundress free people easy summer styleFree People Sundress via ASOS / I also love this one: Pineapple Sundress via ASOS


3. Jorts

This is so obvious. Either buy a pair of actual jean shorts – or find a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly on the waist and butt, but are a little loose in the legs, and then cut off the legs. Boom. The only pair of “pants” you need this summer.

jorts jean shorts cut offs

Destructed Boyfriend Shorts via GAP


4. Comfortable but Cute Sandals

A pair of comfy sandals can be paired with cut-offs, dresses, jeans and skirts – so find a good, sturdy pair and wear ‘em out, ladies! There’s the obvious Birkenstocks – which I love and own – but for something different and a bit more feminine, I love these 2-strap sandals.

zara sandals birkenstocks alternative

Flat Leather Sandals via Zara


5. Light-Wear Lipstick

Being outside in humid, hot temps may make you want to stray away from any lip-color. But, a flush of light color + SPF is the perfect accessory to your summer ensemble. My absolute favorite option for this is the Clinque Chubby Stick line, in almost every color you could imagine.

light wear lipstick for summer

Clinque Chubby Stick via Nordstrom


6. Cross-body Bag

Summer days and warm nights are no time for big, bulky shoulder bags. You need a care-free but stylish bag that compliments your carefree style. A cross-body bag is perfect for this, big or small.

madewell cross body bucket bag purse

The Dylan Bucket Bag via Madewell


7. Easy Skirt

A skirt that flatters your body type is, in my opinion, worth more than diamonds. Find one that cinches at your natural waist and drapes over any areas you want to downplay. It should be relaxed and flowy but not too full – and choosing a fabric that’s light and airy will keep you cool.

chambray skirt anthropologie summer style

High-low Chambray Skirt via Anthropologie


8. Boyfriend Tank

You need this. If you find one that fits you perfectly loosely – buy it in 2 colors. Seriously you need this. That is all.

madewell loose boyfriend tank top

Perfect Layering Tank via Madewell / or a cheaper but wonderful option, Racerback Tank via Target




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