alleyway seattle street style outfit post blogger

Fashion blogger shooting photos in an alleyway – typical. So it’s me again – with another combination of items from my closet, freshly thrown together just for you.

And while I love all the pieces of this ensemble (see below for outfit details) – it’s my jewels I’m most obsessed with. My arm parties and wrist candy have been completely upgraded recently – all due to the work of the wonderful designer Marrin Costello. These pieces are hand-made in LA – and not only are they high quality, they are so gosh darn chic. Now it’s time for the best part: right now you can get any Marrin Costello piece half-off via Gilt. That’s right folks. So if it’s time to upgrade that tired old wrist – this is moment to strike.

Outfit Details:

Jewerly – c/o Marrin Costello

Booties – D.V. via Poshmark

Tank – c/o Shillingford Co.

Jacket, sunglasses & purse – gifted and thrifted

alleyway seattle street style outfit post blogger

alleyway seattle street style outfit post blogger photo

alleyway seattle street style outfit post blogger photo jewels

alleyway seattle street style outfit post blogger photo 5



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  1. Amanda Weiss says:

    Um, hey BABE! How yooouuu doing? Love this badass look so much! Those sunnies are amaze!!


  2. Kstylick says:

    Thumbs up for this blog! maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and follow by blog!

    You can also like my Facebook page.

    I will follow you back! :)

  3. Jacqueline says:

    dude, i often do photo shoots in an alleyway :) ahhh, i love your boots in these photos, the are great!

    ~ I have an international giveaway on my blog at the moment with a chance to win a handmade flower crown if you are interested:

  4. Chesi M. says:

    Great outfit Natasha! The bracelet ring is so unique, love it : )

  5. Anonymose says:

    Don’t u believe “curvy” is just an excuse word for overweight?

    • Natasha says:

      No, I don’t. And anonymously posting this comment means you are either trying to be insulting, or you truly are ignorant.

      Being curvy and being overweight are independent of one another. You could be both, one, or neither. And you don’t need to make any excuses for being either of those things.


  6. the bracelets are so cool & I also love the t-shirt. This look is effortlessly cool