Gold & Leather


Another sunny day in Seattle means this fashion blogger is trying to figure out how to style her normally layered wardrobe. With the Seattle weather gods whispering in my ear…don’t wear anything Natasha, just be cool and free…actually doing my make-up, putting on clothes, shoes and accessories and styling my hair seems like an unlikely thought. But I did it (except for my hair. I didn’t really do anything there.).

The gold crop top I’m wearing is a fun vintage piece I found thrift shopping for Sasquatch – but it ended up not being quite warm enough for me to willingly sport a crop top – so this is the first time I’m wearing it outside of my apartment. The leather skirt is from SimplyBe (c/o, I also wore it for fall here). Belt and locket necklace are vintage. The cut-out wedges are Seychelles and are very comfortable (even though I think I make other people uncomfortable because I’m about 7 feet tall in them).

And finally…one note about being curvy and hot weather. I see lots of women who are void of a 26 inch waist who insist on layering up in 85 degree weather. They won’t bare legs or arms (or mid drift) and it’s not because they don’t want to – it’s because they feel uncomfortable showing any skin. First off: girl I feel you. I personally understand that not having toothpick thin legs or bone-like arms means that my summer outfit doesn’t match up to that in popular magazines. But guess what – it’s doesn’t matter. A cute summer outfit is a cute summer outfit – whether it’s hanging loose on a thin frame or hugging on to curves and hips. Wear a tank. Put on that summer dress. Be confident in your body. You look amazing.

And with that note…I wish you good weather and breezy outfits no matter how small or large your frame!

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  1. Kate says:

    I love the understated elegance of this outfit, and also I’m in love with those shoes!!


  2. Dammy Araoye says:

    You’re so beautiful. And those shoes are to die for!


  3. Dimitri says:

    I really like this outfit! It really suits your curves! very nice!