New Years Resolutions

new years resolution fashion blog dress better in 2013

The dust (or glitter) has settled and New Years Eve has once again come and gone. We have arrived at 2013. The world didn’t end (but there were some awesome parties anyway) and now it’s time to figure out your New Years Resolutions. You know – those things you write down every January but usually forget about by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around.

So this year – let’s keep it simple. In 2013 it’s time to step up our game. Put some effort into our daily outfits (or more effort anyway) and try new things. Below are my simple yet fabulous New Years Resolutions for the fashionably inclined.

Let’s see how long we can stick to these – how about aiming for at least March? Good luck!

 new years resolutions for fashionable people dress better in 2013




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  1. cimmer says:

    I love love love these resolutions! They are quite in line with what I’m looking to do stylistically this year – since moving to Seattle I’ve gotten into the habit of not breaking out heels as much and that is just not okay :)

    cheers! | cimmer

  2. Only buy what I love is my resolution too. So far…so good but that is a hard habit to break!