Swap Party!

Over the weekend, my good friend Zoe organized our semi-annual swap party – a get together with a few girls where you bring items you no longer want and get to take home what others bring. Every friend group should have swap parties – they are a great way to clean out your closet & stop all the hoarding – as well as get amazing new treasures for free! Here are my tips on throwing your own swap party:

  •  Try getting together with friends who have both similar tastes & sizes. If you have a swap party with one person who wears a size 2 and one person who wears a size 16, it will be hard for anyone to go home with clothes-treasures.
  • Have everyone layout their items so each person can do a walk-around and decide what items they want to bid on. Have each person layout all their items so each lady can set their eyes on the prize and save enough tickets to get what they want.
  • Have a ticket bidding system. The only way to stop girls from pulling out each other’s hair or bitch slapping each other over a hand-me-down Chloe tote bag is to give everyone 1 ticket for every item they bring. Then, allow people to use the tickets to bid on items – highest bidder takes home the item. And whoever brought the auctioned off item gets those tickets – giving them more bidding power. This will encourage people to bring better things, so they can go home with better things.
  • Wine & Apps. It’s a must. Whoever is hosting it should come up with some apps & drinks for everyone – something light and fun.
  • Good attitudes & no bitchiness. This may sound silly – but girls can get territorial when they want something. You don’t want everyone going home mad at each other because they were outbid on their “dream item.” Set the tone at the beginning of the swap party by saying “all’s fair in love and swapping.”

Here are the pictures from my event. I got to leave with some amazing finds – including a great DKNY blazer, cool vintage jewelry, a set of cute china plates, Philosophy face wash & lotion (never used!) and an adorable whisk & bowl set from Anthropology. Happy Swapping!

SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1
Swap party – jewelry table!
SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1
Treasures laid out…
SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1

More treasures up for grabs!

SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1

salad shitake mushroom dressing

Someone definitely spiked the punch…

Delish food prepared by the lovely Zoe.

Zoe :)

Amazing painting at Zoe’s house, couldn’t resist!

So many treasures!




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  1. Anita says:

    that looks like a whole bunch of fun! swap parties always feel like a treasure hunt :) love the pics and your blog

    BTW there is a Giveaway on my blog, I’d appreciate it if you would check it out


  2. Cynthia says:

    Looks like a blast! Thanks for posting the rules, I was never quite sure how the swaps actually worked (without someone feeling cheated).

  3. Amber Lena says:

    I want in on the next swap party! (I’m a fellow curvy girl from Monroe).