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  • Advice Column: Curvy College Girl in Indonesia

    I get lots of emails of ladies asking for fashion & styling advice, so I’ve decided to start answering them publicly on the blog in case others have similar questions! If you have a fashion or style question you want answered here on The Chic Curve, email Natasha at

    Curvy College Girl in Indonesia Writes:

    Hello Natasha! Glad I found your blog. I need some fashion advice.

    [I’m curvy and] I live in the tropical country Indonesia where it is always sunny. I have difficulties on choosing what I should wear to college. My campus regulation  requires me to wear collared shirt (like a blouse or some polo shirt) everyday. T-shirts are not allowed.

    I really like the fashion featured on your blog, but since the city I live in is extremely hot (on the hottest day it could reach 40 degree Celsius), it would be uncomfortable for me to wear layered clothes (like putting blazer or jackets).


    I’m quite boring with my normal style. I usually wears jeans and a blouse or polo shirts with flat shoes. Sometimes I wear a maxi skirt with my polo shirts. I know, I have a very lame style. Oh, and I have quite dark skin-pretty much tanned. This makes me unconfident to experiment with colors. I usually wears black, brown or white shirts. And since it’s hot, I usually pulled my hair to a bun or making ponytail out of it. My friend once told me that chubby faces are better off with short hair. I dunno whether it is true or not. Still, I keep my hair length at under my shoulder .


    Could you please help me by giving advice on what I should wear to college?


    -Curvy College Girl in Indonesia


    Dear Curvy College Girl in Indonesia,

    Thank you for writing in.


    First of all – your dark skin should definitely not deter you from wearing bright colors. In fact, certain bright colors actually look better on girls with darker skin. I often wish I could have a nice tan…but the rainy climate of Seattle doesn’t really allow for that naturally :)


    If you can wear blouses and collared shirts, there is so many options! Depending on the shape of your body, a good way to accentuate your curves without being overheated is to wear an airy long maxi skirt with a looser blouse, tucked in, and then topped off with a thicker dark color belt. This will define your waist and keep you cool, while also sticking to your school’s dress code.


    I actually was recently traveling in Morocco, which is very hot, and my go-to outfit was leggings or cropped pants with oversized, sheer tops. Also, mid to long sleeve dresses that cinch at the waist and flair out over the torso and hips are both flattering & airy. With any outfit, you’ll want to play up the accessories – it will allow you to create your own style. Personally, I prefer layering long simple necklaces, or having one shorter chunky necklace in a bright color. Pair these with a pair of comfy wedges and you’ve got a fashionable yet heat-friendly outfit.


    Also – with your gorgeous tan skin, try out a bright fuchsia lip color for a pop of color with any simpler outfit. And your hair will be beautiful both short and long, however with your face shape make sure to have layers that frame your face. You can also try rocking the Top Knot on really hot days to keep the hair out of your face!
    No matter what you wear, you’ve got to remember that confidence is the best thing you can bring with you everyday to class. I’ve put together some sample outfits below, to help you beat the heat in style!
    brights curvy indonesia outfit recommendation
    Buy Online: Blouse (ASOS), Skirt (Old Navy), Wedges (Michael Kors)
    not so boring blouses to beat the heat



  • Swap Party!

    Over the weekend, my good friend Zoe organized our semi-annual swap party – a get together with a few girls where you bring items you no longer want and get to take home what others bring. Every friend group should have swap parties – they are a great way to clean out your closet & stop all the hoarding – as well as get amazing new treasures for free! Here are my tips on throwing your own swap party:

    •  Try getting together with friends who have both similar tastes & sizes. If you have a swap party with one person who wears a size 2 and one person who wears a size 16, it will be hard for anyone to go home with clothes-treasures.
    • Have everyone layout their items so each person can do a walk-around and decide what items they want to bid on. Have each person layout all their items so each lady can set their eyes on the prize and save enough tickets to get what they want.
    • Have a ticket bidding system. The only way to stop girls from pulling out each other’s hair or bitch slapping each other over a hand-me-down Chloe tote bag is to give everyone 1 ticket for every item they bring. Then, allow people to use the tickets to bid on items – highest bidder takes home the item. And whoever brought the auctioned off item gets those tickets – giving them more bidding power. This will encourage people to bring better things, so they can go home with better things.
    • Wine & Apps. It’s a must. Whoever is hosting it should come up with some apps & drinks for everyone – something light and fun.
    • Good attitudes & no bitchiness. This may sound silly – but girls can get territorial when they want something. You don’t want everyone going home mad at each other because they were outbid on their “dream item.” Set the tone at the beginning of the swap party by saying “all’s fair in love and swapping.”

    Here are the pictures from my event. I got to leave with some amazing finds – including a great DKNY blazer, cool vintage jewelry, a set of cute china plates, Philosophy face wash & lotion (never used!) and an adorable whisk & bowl set from Anthropology. Happy Swapping!

    SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1
    Swap party – jewelry table!
    SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1
    Treasures laid out…
    SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1

    More treasures up for grabs!

    SWAP party treasures seattle fashion blog 1

    salad shitake mushroom dressing

    Someone definitely spiked the punch…

    Delish food prepared by the lovely Zoe.

    Zoe :)

    Amazing painting at Zoe’s house, couldn’t resist!

    So many treasures!




  • Friday Favorites

    It’s Friday Friday Friday…and I’ve been eyeing some fabulous finds on the web this week. Here is what I’m currently coveting:


    ASOS Stripe Faux Fur Coat

    ASOS Stripe Faux Fur Coat (As seen on Eat Sleep Wear, and half off!)


    Prada Saffiano Luxe Double Zip Tote Bag

    Prada, fabulous & expensive


    ASOS Patent Leather Neon Yellow Watch

    Neon Leather Watch? Yes please. A pop of color for any outfit!


    Miu Miu Plaid Pumps

    I like to call these my "Tablecloth Pumps." No denying they are Carrie Bradshaw worthy.


    Stella McCartney Skirt

    Stella McCartney - the perfect striped skirt.


    alexander wang snakeskin wedges

    And my steal of the weak - half off amazing Alexander Wang snakeskin wedges. DIE!




  • Print Perfect

    I don’t often get big crushes – but when I do, I become completely obsessed. And Floral Prints – I’ve got my eyes on you.

    With the recent purchase of my amazing floral print suit (and even my vintage floral blazer), and the recent explosion of bold, frame-worthy prints on the runways of Paris and NYC, I just can’t get enough. It’s as if we have decided that solids are no longer good enough – and for now, prints painted on like french masterpieces are the only acceptable kind with which to cover your body.

    I’ve been keeping tally of my favorite floral print moments on a Pinterest board, and I’m happy to bring you the best of the best in printed beauty.








    all images from Pinterest