White Sequins, Red Lips & Green Blazer

Natasha Jarmick in Green Blazer, White Sequins, Red Lipstick & booties

Why do I love thrift shopping? Because you can find things like the vintage green wool Pendleton blazer I found for $7. Enough bragging. (But seriously you should be jealous it is QUITE a steal)…moving on.

I wore my “Mulan” bun on the very tippy top of my head, with BCBG hoops and a punch of my favorite red lipstick (YSL). The matted white sequin shirt is my new favorite go-to white top (Vince Camuto) and my “email clutch” is from H&M (old). The studded booties are from a couple years ago – found them at TJ Maxx ($20) and they are still fabulous.

…and in combination of being exhausted from working out & having a ton of actual work ahead of me, I’m signing off. I’ll do a better job of writing something clever next time 😉

White Sequins Close up Natasha Jarmick Seattle Fashion Blogger

Seattle Fashion Blogger Natasha Jarmick Studded Booties Details

Natasha Jarmick Laughing Seattle Fashion White Sequins Green Blazer



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  1. Jen Vegas says:

    You look great! I love the blazer and how all the pieces come together.

  2. Viktória says:

    I like your style! Greetings from Hungary! XXX

  3. Love the outfit! Great look!

  4. Annie says:

    I am absolutely in love with your blazer!!!!!