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  • How to Dress a Curvy Body

    how to dress for a curvy body

    Hello! So since I started blogging, I’ve been getting so many questions, from friends, readers & people on Twitter about dressing curves. Women come in so many shapes and sizes – and most of us have all kinds of curves, in different places and in different ways. Ultimately – you should love your body regardless – and you should dress your curves like you mean it!

    So I’m going to do a quick post about my take on dressing fashionably for ladies with curves. There is a lot of information out there about how to dress – and many experts say that women with curves should stay away from bold colors, prints, loose clothing, layering and skinny jeans. Well I laugh in the face of those “experts.” You don’t have to be a size 2 to rock the current trends in NYC and Paris – which happen to be all the “no-no’s” of the boring, middle-of-the-road stylists.

    I don’t consider myself an expert stylist – but here is my personal views and opinions on dressing those curves:

    1. Show off Your Legs! 

    Many girls are scared to show some skin because they’ve got more than bones on the lower half – well don’t! The great thing about curves is the sexy shape it gives to your legs. Depending on what makes you feel good – wear skirts & dresses, leggings, skinny jeans and tights (all colors!). I personally don’t like lace-patterned tights or fishnets – they look tacky on most people and I don’t find them flattering. I love wearing a completely oversized top/dress that falls mid-thigh (short) and black tights with heels – showing off the curves of your legs but hiding any imperfections in your tum-tum area is always a comfy but stylish outfit.

    how to dress curvy body lemon dress

    2. That Sexy Cut…

    Flattering your body has so much to do where things are cut and where they fall on your body – what they are accentuating/hiding. One sure-fire way to flatter your curves (if you have more of an hourglass shape) is to sport a blazer that cinches in a bit at the waist, that stops right above your hips – showing the small part of your waist and the curves of your hips.

    how to dress for curves hips and jacket

    how to dress curvy waist hips

    3. High Waisted Bottoms are Your FRIEND

    The number one issue I see with girls who have curves is squeezing into clothes that don’t fit them. Honey – if any of your curvy-ness is bulging out – it’s NOT flattering! You aren’t proving anything to anyone just because you managed to squeeze into a size smaller jeans. When you try on bottoms – skirts, pants, jeans, leggings, tights – you should be able to pull the waist of the bottoms up over your tummy area (especially if that’s an area you want to hide). If the waist hits you & hugs you mid-waist (AKA mid bulge) then put it back & move on! This way, when you throw on your top, your curves will be smooth & sexy – not chopped up and sticking out in all kinds of ways.

    how to dress for curves high waist is your friend

    4. A Good Bra

    A good bra will lift your ladies and smooth your back. If you have a smooth back – and then you throw on your top over a bra and it’s bulging – that means your bra is too tight or too thin. Spend money on a nice bra – this will completely transform your outfit! Also – the double-boob effect – you know what I’m talking about – that’s not cute. Get with it ladies!

    sheer top good bra dressing for curves

    5. Confidence

    I may be blunt in some of my suggestions – but no matter what advice of mine you choose to take – the thing you MUST have is confidence! You could put on the cutest, most flattering outfit in the world, but if you don’t walk straight, keep you head high and emit confidence – it won’t matter. Don’t let anyone tell you that a girl with curves can only rock a certain set of looks – everyone can try the trends, you just have to make it your own!

    how to dress curves confidence

    I’m always available to answer questions to anyone who needs help dressing for their body type – whether that be curvy, skinny or anywhere in between! You can email me at or leave a comment below. Share your tips on dressing for your body type below as well!

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  • Winter Tropics


    Seattle fashion blogger Natasha Jarmick in Tropical Floral Blazer (curvy fashion)

    Yea…I realize it’s winter and last weekend everyone in Seattle was completely snowed in. But…the sun decided to come out again, and so I just had to throw on my “tropical” blazer and bright pink lipstick.

    And something I realize about Seattle whenever I play dress up…I get SO many people staring at my on the sidewalks. No matter what outfit – if it’s a blog worthy outfit (meaning you’ve seen it) then I get the stares. Is it because they aren’t used to seeing the outfits that clutter the streets of NYC? Is it because I look ridiculous? Is it because I looks smokin’ hot? Well, I’m not sure why, but I’m thinking I like the last explanation the best, so let’s go with that one 😉

    Seattle fashion blogger Natasha Jarmick in Tropical Floral Blazer (curvy fashion)

    Floral Blazer: Thrifted, Shirt: Boutique in Dublin, Booties: H&M, Jewerly: Vintage & Nordstrom

    Seattle fashion blogger Natasha Jarmick in Tropical Floral Blazer (curvy fashion)



  • Fugly Files: High Heel Rainboots

    The Fugly Files are the worst fashion finds on the internet. Think you have a better caption? Write it in the comments below!

    the chic curve fugly files arnie high heel boots

    Whoever is running out to purchase the vomit-inducing shoes must be thinking, “Why buy a pair of heels AND a pair of rain boots when you can get a 2-in-1!” Well, let me tell ya, my fashionably challenged friends: 2-in-1 shampoo doesn’t work – and 2-in-1 sure as hell doesn’t work for shoes! So if you think that you are actually being “fashionable” by wearing “high heels” when it’s raining – let me be the voice of reason: YOU LOOK STUPID.




  • Polka Dots and Curly Cues

    Red pleated skirt gold belt polka dot top wedge booties seattle fashion blog

    So last week was “Snowmageden” here in Seattle, and when I saw “sunny” in the weather forecast this morning…I almost JUMPED out of bed. I knew I had to do something cheery & bright…and even curled the CRAP out of my hair with my favorite hair tool, the curling stick (totally kicks the curling iron’s outdated ass). I feel like a mix between Shirley Temple  and Natasha today – so I’ve been on my best behavior.

    Now, let’s talk clothes. The blazer is thrifted, top is from Nordstrom Rack, belt is Michael Kors, skirt is from H&M (old), tights from Target, booties from H&M (recent) and snakeskin bag from H&M (old).

    Well I hope I’ve polka-dotted your day with pleats of joy & curls of smiles, laides & gents!

    Red pleated skirt gold belt polka dot top wedge booties seattle fashion blog

    Red pleated skirt gold belt polka dot top wedge booties seattle fashion blog

    Red pleated skirt gold belt polka dot top wedge booties seattle fashion blog