Personal Reflections of 2011 from the Author

Let’s pretend you are me for a second. You wake up every morning and a million thoughts rush to the front of your mind – clients, marketing ideas, work, fashion thoughts, to-do lists, outfit choices and more. You get up, shower, get dressed in an outfit that will hopefully be worthy of posting on your fashion blog, and head to R2integrated, the marketing agency where you work as the Social Marketing Manager. You enjoy your work and your coworkers, and come evening you head home, get on your computer to write & read blogs, make dinner, go for a walk, and head to bed.

Alright – now you are are you again. That’s my normal routine. And we all have one – but it is those days where we do something out of the ordinary that makes life so amazing. And 2011 has been sprinkled with so many of these extraordinary experiences and amazing people – I am forever grateful. Every crazy night out with my insanely fun friends, dinners with family, serious conversation with those closest to me, dancing, laughing, singing, writing – living. Life is a roller coaster and I love the ride.

This year, I’ll be ringing in the New Year with old friends – the perfect combination of new & old. Freshly painted nails, new heels, red lips, vodka soaked gummy bears, champaign and friends who are more like family will surround me as we bring in 2012.

One last thing – THANK YOU.

Every single person who has read a blog post, commented, shared, liked, reposted and just enjoyed what I publish. You all are the reason for The Chic Curve’s success in 2011, and will continue to be the factor in growth & excitement for the blog come 2012.

Tell me what you want to see more of – what you want to see less of – what you absolutely hated and never want to see again. This blog is as much my own as it is yours.

Thank you. Happy New Year – I hope you get to spend tonight with the ones you love.



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  1. Valerie says:

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Lexie says:

    really love some of your 2011 posts. especially the light pink pleated skirt.. beautiful! now following xx