ShoeMint: Exclusive Launch Photos

Shoemint Shoes exclusive preview photos

I wanted to do a very quick post about ShoeMint, a new service from the makers of JewelMint about to launch!

ShoeMint is a service where you pay one monthly fee & get to pick a pair of shoes. Many people have heard of ShoeDazzle, which is the same idea – however, ShoeDazzle shoes just don’t live up to the hype – they look cheap and often trashy (ya know, those shoes you see girls like Deena from Jersey Shore in tube dresses hobbling around in at the club).

So when I heard that Rachel Bilson AND Steve Madden were partnering to create ShoeMint I was ECSTATIC because the taste of those to combined is incredible. And after watching the exclusive preview of ShoeMint via InStyle – my prediction was true.

ShoeMint is launching soon, but you can go sign up now (just provide your email, that’s it) and invite your friends to join, and earn credit towards a pair of shoes once it launches. I’ve already earned $40 off my first pair (I believe they will be priced around $60-80 dollars a pair) by inviting some friends via Twitter.

Check out these stills from the video in InStyle, and hopefully everyone is just as excited as me for ShoeMint!!!

Shoemint Shoes exclusive preview photos

Shoemint Shoes exclusive preview photos

Shoemint Shoes exclusive preview photos

I WANT these loafers...


Shoemint Shoes exclusive preview photosxoxo


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  1. Kate says:

    This is so cool! I will definitely have to check it out!