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  • Down to Business

    natasha jarmick chic curve fashion blog all about business

    Ok ok, I know. I’m channeling @BlairEadieBEE once again. But what can I say? She is fabulous. And when I walked into work this morning, and my coworker said “You are very Blair today” I couldn’t help but squeal with delight.

    But seriously – there hasn’t been a outfit post lately because I’ve been buried in work – and have NOT been looking stylish at work (not gonna lie, I’ve been a hot mess the past week). However I managed to pull it together for at least one outfit post this week…because I love you all so much :)

    natasha jarmick chic curve fashion blog all about business

    Scarf: H&M, Belt: Michael Kors, Vest & Blouse: Old Navy (2005), Jacket: Thrifted, Briefcase: Vintage, Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Loafers: Kaya, Jewelry: Vintage & H&M

    natasha jarmick chic curve fashion blog all about business



  • Fashion Sketches for the Chic Curve by Julia

    I was extremely delighted when I got an email last week containing 3 amazing drawings of outfits from my blog.

    Julia from The Cherry On Top offered to sketch some of my outfits after she discovered my blog through IFB…and you know me, I won’t be turning down any drawings of myself! I will be finding a way to work these drawings into my blog design – they are fabulous!  Julia picked her favorite outfits from my blog to sketch. Below are the 3 drawings Julia sent me, click the picture to see the actual outfit post so you can see how amazing of a job she did getting every detail drawn!

    Thanks again Julia, you are SO talented. I know that Julia sells sketches on her blog, so make sure to check it out.

    natasha jarmick fashion sketch chic curve atlantic-pacific

    Sketch #1 done in Color Pencil. Click picture to see the outfit post!


    natasha jarmick fashion sketch drawing leopard red chic curve

    Sketch #2, Click picture to see outfit post!

    natasha jarmick fashion sketch drawing beatles sheer

    Sketch #3, click picture to view outfit post!



  • Steve Jobs: The Greatest Innovator of Our Time

    Sometimes there are things that happen that require all else to stop, for just a moment, so we can all truly understand the impact. Steve Jobs passed away yesterday – and this is something that requires a break in fashion to understand the impact he had on our lives.

    I got the news of Jobs passing while in a meeting, through an app on my iPhone. In fact, everyone who mentioned the news found it on their iPhones, and I see that as beauty. After the meeting everyone was discussing Jobs and his passing, most of us in shock and not capable of understanding what this meant. However the CEO of company, Matt Goddard, starting talking about how Steve Jobs and Apple have not just given us amazing technology, they have completely altered the way we live our lives. And this is why everyone is so affected by this death – and why this death impacts CEOs to developers to consumers.

    Think about each device Apple has released, under the heavy influence of Steve Jobs. The iMac. The iPod. The iPhone. The iPad. Some people say they are overpriced, underused products. I say they are the devices that have changed the way that society lives, communicates and forms relationships. There is no use in going into details of why this is true – it is a fact. Do your own research. If you don’t have an iPhone, check out where the idea for your smartphone came from. Let me save you some time: Steve Jobs came up with that idea.

    There is rarely a single human being who is able to affect so many people through technology – especially in this day and age where it seems as if everything has already been created, and there isn’t anything new to be discovered. Steve Jobs has shown us that there is always something new and we should always be trying to discover it.

    Nothing I can say or write will do Jobs justice. Only Steve Jobs himself can do that, so below you’ll find a video of his commencement speech at Stanford University. If you can take any lessons from Jobs, take the lesson of love. Love what you do. Do what you love. And if you can’t say, everyday, “this is how I’d live my last day,” it may be time to start doing what you truly love.


  • Silk Floral Printed Top


    Sometimes an outfit really is about just one main piece – and everything else is just there to compliment it. Well, this amazingly beautiful silk top that I picked up in Italy (at Zara) during my summer travels is that sort of piece. The pictures really don’t do the top justice – it is a show stealer. I only wear it a few times a year, because its just so delicate & beautiful, I’m scared to ruin it!

    The blazer, skinny black jeans and sky blue shoes are working as a frame for the top.

    Do you have a piece that you just admire, and are scared to take outside your closet for fear of ruining it? I’ve got a few.

    I was told by a friend that this picture is "the essence of Natasha." I guess she meant that I'm a very serious, normal and boring person (and for those of you who lack digital sarcasmometers, that was a JOKE).