The Story of the Jacket & a Lesson in Vintage

Last week, after posting a French-Vogue style photoshoot I did with a friend, I’ve been getting a lot of comments and questions about the sequined jacket I’m sporting in the pictures. I thought it would be a great time for a short story and a lesson in vintage & thrift shopping.

I find that a lot of people are scared by the word “vintage” because it can mean expensive – but that’s not true. The best vintage finds are those you dig up at Goodwill or Value Village – a designer clutch or pair of heels that you can’t believe are just sitting on an old rusty shelf at your local thrift store. You can’t believe someone would give them up – and that they are only $4.99, so you grab them, run to the cash register, and book it out the door before someone realizes you have just basically stolen a pair of Jimmy Choos.

That’s the treasure side of vintage and thrift shopping. The other kind requires vision and creativity. THIS is how I found my sparkly jacket, and also how I find my most complimented pieces in my closet. You see a jacket, or a dress, sitting lonely on an ugly plastic hangar, and you think, that COULD be cute if I __________ {fill in the blank}. And you put it back on the rack and walk away, because you aren’t a designer, and God knows you don’t sew.

But ladies – this is a call to visionaries everywhere. DON’T put it back on the rack! Take it home! Take a chance on a sad thrifted item and turn it into the fabulous vintage piece it was meant to be!

For example, this sparkly jacket in the picture above, was not always a sparkly jacket. It was a giant, old-lady, moo-moo dress made for that grandma that loves bright purple lipstick and rocking a permed gray ‘fro. But I saw this giant dress and melted…at the thought of taking some scissors up the back seam and turning it into an amazing statement jacket.

So I went home and cut the thing up, and hundreds of sequins on the floor later…I had my new favorite sparkly jacket. I’m hoping that I’ve inspired you to have vision in your thrift shopping…stud that blazer, add a crazy lining to a jacket, turn that dress into a skirt, make that necklace a bracelet!

The old grandma moo-moo is now my sparkly jacket :)




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  1. nikki says:

    love this post – favorite yet. and it’s all SO TRUE!


  2. LittleRus says:

    Great post, sweetie! Totally agree with you about being open-minded and allow vintage pieces inspire, rather than dictate. :)

  3. Alina F. says:

    Great look,hon!Love the blazer!

  4. miranda says:

    That jacket is to die for! Thanks for stopping by TheChicSheet.


  5. miranda says:

    Ps- great blog! We are now following you on Bloglovin 😉