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  • Snakeskin Print & Sheer Knit

    snakeskin print sheer knit free people h&m

    All I have for you is an outfit post today. I’ve got too much work to do – in my real life job – to say anything witty, clever or insightful today. All I know is that I love snakeskin, I love my H&M booties and I love my free people sheer knit sweater. If you need something more witty, you can follow me on Twitter.

    snakeskin print sheer knit free people h&m

    Sweater: Free People, Dress: H&M, Clover Necklace: Vintage, Booties: H&M, Clutch: Vintage


    snakeskin print sheer knit free people h&m




  • Red, White & Blair


    If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, the best fashion blog there is (in my opinion). She often wears these red-white-blue color combos, yet some how manages not to look like she’s heading out to the fourth of July parade. So I decided to try my hand with the color scheme, and it worked out nicely. With the addition of the bright neon shoes and studded top, I brought red, white and blue to a more edgy, less patriotic level.

    (and yes, I realize the photos are terrible quality and you can barely see the fabulous color of the shoes. sorry readers, but you get the point. now move along)

    I’m sporting a thrifted red blazer, a studded Michael Kors top, rolled up skinny-slacks from ASOS and sunshine yellow heels from Sam Edelman.The snakeskin purse is from H&M.

    What do you think of the color combo? Yay or Nay?


    Starbucks keeps me going Monday through Friday.

    Trying out the "rolled up skinny slacks" trend. I'm loving it.



  • Brown Suede Boots & Color Blocking

    Color Blocking FTW

    I had to squeeze in an outfit post in between the amazing Seattle Fashion Bloggers photoshoot posts!

    And yes – that is a GIANT ice cream cone behind me. My office is above a “Krispy Kreme” donut shop, and thank GOD I don’t have a thing for donuts, that would be dangerous. If it were a chocolate shop, we’d be in trouble…

    My new favorite boots: brown suede boots from H&M…for under $30. A freaking steal. The top is from Forever21, and it basically goes with everything. Love color blocking. Earrings are vintage clips…they are my new favorite pair and you’ll be seeing them a lot (sorry). school for cool



  • Seattle Fashion Bloggers: Fall Photoshoot (Pt. 2)

    This Post was brought to you by City Goddess.

    In the first post of this series, I published my favorite group shots from the Seattle Fashion Blogger Fall Photoshoot, which I’ve spend the last month planning & styling. Today, I’m going to introduce each blogger, and post my favorite individual shot of the ladies.

    Let’s meet some of the amazing faces of fashion in Seattle!

    Mary Lou Ricci. Styled by @NatashaJarmick. Photography by @lHeatherMH

    Meet Mary Lou Ricci. The minute you meet this stylish lady you feel welcomed and comfortable – I can honestly say she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. She always looks polished – even when she’s not trying. Mary Lou throws on a sweater and some leggings, and its effortlessly chic. She is always updating her Tumblr blog with inspirational finds from new designer trends to DIY fashion ideas.


    Ashley Breckel. Styling by @NatashaJarmick. Photography by @lHeatherMH.

    Meet Ashley Breckel. This shopaholic has got style & sass – two things I treasure in a lady-friend. She walked in wearing the perfect purple J-Crew sweater, and has definitely convinced me that this shade of purple is going to be HOT for fall. Ashley authors the wonderful fashion blog, Style Umbrella, covering all things stylish including fashion, interior decorating & the wonderful city of Seattle.


    Crystal Southcote. Styled by @NatashaJarmick. Photography by @lHeatherMH.

    Meet Crystal Southcote. Crystal is one of those amazingly gracious people who has done a little bit of everything in their lifetime. When she’s not teaching yoga, traveling to Thailand or striking a pose, Crystal is writing Seattle IMO, a unique blog about all things Seattle – with a stylish twist. I’m looking forward to getting to know Crystal more, and already admire her sense of style.


    Alyson Andrews. Styled by @NatashaJarmick. Photography by @lHeatherMH.

    Meet Alyson Andrews.  I’ve been following Alyson’s blog, Crushing on Clothes, for a while now, yet only recently had the opportunity to meet her. She is always laughing, and fun to be around. Her style really reflects that – she’s all about the fun and interesting pieces, from funky jewelry to chunky shoes. I love her attitude, and you’ll love her blog.


    Natasha Jarmick. Photography by @lheathermh.

    And then, there’s me. If you are a regular reader, well, hello. If you aren’t, welcome to The Chic Curve. I’m not going to talk about myself, because well, I do that most days on the blog :)

    Working with all the ladies for this shoot was AMAZING. Not only do I have some amazing pictures, but some new lady-friends who I’m not embarrassed to be seen with – because they’ve got some serious style.

    Stay tuned…we have one more post coming…a VIDEO! (whoop whoop!)



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