Rebecca, the Gold Chain & Blue Stripe

Today’s post will be short & sweet (mainly because I have too much work to do for my day job, but want to keep the outfits coming!).

Notice the post is named Rebecca – after the first reader who guessed how I got my hair up in that full, huge bun (from this post). My secret is long, thick locks (my hair is pretty short, and thin). My secret is a little sponge-like donut that I picked up in Ireland after seeing herds of girls passing by with PERFECT buns on the tops of their heads. I just kept thinking – there is no way that is their real hair! You can pick up one of these hair donuts at any beauty supply store, or online.

The gold chain, which I like to call my “gangsta chain” is from H&M last summer. I stole it off of a manikin, since it was the last one, starting my “thug rampage” induced by the gangsta chain. The top is from Zara in Italy, jacket is vintage, shoes are Steve Madden flats. Pink Lipstick is YSL “Rouge Volupte” and its one of my favs :)



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  1. I did a sock bun last week! My boyfriend laughed at me! It is def a women-friendly look and man repellent (at least in MY case!). You look great, I love your blazer collection!