Capitol Hill Block Party: Seattle Summer Party

This past weekend was the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle, which is basically a giant party of 20-something locals drinking & listening to live music in the street. It was a good time – and thought I only knew a couple of the bands that were playing, I really went for the company of good friends & the beautiful Seattle sunshine (it got up to around 80 degrees, which is amazing for Seattle!).

I was feeling very 70s that day, and wore a fringed lace top, cuffed jeans, beaded sandals & feather earrings. Oh, and my hair was braided back with a fresh flower. This is why I’ve decided to tint all the pictures for this post, I’m trying to give off that “Woodstock” vibe :)

Also notice my best friend Zoe (@zoetapp on Twitter!) who wore an adorable romper, vintage red bag, leopard necklace and thrifted woven flats.

My "hippie summer" hair

Zoe, looking adorable!




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