How Women Want Men to Dress

Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant for the stylish men who already have their look together. It is for the men who really don’t know what women want to see them in – and who don’t have a fashion gene guiding their way to the right outfit every morning. For those men who know their way around Nordstrom – keep on doing your thing.

This is guy HOT. But if you aren't currently as stylish as James Bond here, then read this post before attempting white pants.


Alright men, it is time to step up your game. Dressing well, dressing in a way that attracts fashionable, smart women is NOT that difficult. So why do so many men get it wrong?

I think the main reason is that there are so many options, and so many images of what women think is hot – many of them not being realistic for the average guy to mimic. And true “fashion” in the sense of Italian Vogue is not really what most women I know, including myself, are attracted to. While I can admire a man who has amazing style – no one wants a man who is more decked out than they are. The woman is the jewel – but that man should be clean, confident and crisp. And those are my 3 rules for men to live by when buying clothes.

3 Simple Rules: How Women Want Men to Dress


1. Clean

Keep your outfit clean, simple and fresh. While its obvious that your shirt should be stain-free, ironed and washed, when I say clean, I mean minimalistic. Stick with solids and simple patterns. If you aren’t a stylish dude – don’t try and rock a pink or lime green polka-dot polo. The safest and sexiest colors are navy, black, white and grey. And when your white shirt isn’t really white anymore – wash it with some bleach. And if its still not really white – THROW IT OUT!

2. Confident

Ok, DUH you guys should be confident (good posture, confident when you speak, etc.), but your clothes need to give off confidence.  They should be well made, not worn out or washed out. They should also fit you – I know that there was a temporary fad of men wearing clothes that could fit their entire posse inside, but that is out (Thank GOD!) and your clothes should fit you. That also means they shouldn’t be skin tight, bro. (See pictures below for correctly fitting clothing)

3. Crisp.

Whats the different between Guy #1 in jeans and a white t-shirt, and Guy #2 in jeans and white t-shirt? Guy #1 is HOT, and probably getting laid (Guy #1 is home playing Halo or something lame). But to be more specific, the lame guy is wearing an oversized t-shirt with no shape and wrinkles, and jeans with a super-faded wash and monkey decals on the butt pockets. Hot guy is wearing a crew-neck white t-shirt that is fitted and ironed, and a pair of dark wash bootcut jeans rolled at the cuff.

Honorary Rule #4: THROW IT OUT! Ever had a girlfriend who wanted to throw out an old sweater? Perhaps she had a point. Seriously – ratty clothes are not sexy. And I get sentiment in certain clothing. So take a picture and hang it on a string, hang that on a hangar, and BOOM! Your memory still lives. But that ugly old sweater is gone, and your chances of getting laid just went up 100%.

Pictures of clothes you can actually go out and purchase (right now if you’re super excited!)


Classic crew neck sweater. So, so sexy. From Nordstrom.



The basic v-neck tee from American Apparel. Wear alone or under any button up shirt for a simple, sexy look. From American Apparel.



Cardigans are European looking, simple and super hot. Wear them over t-shirts, buttoned up in any dark shade color.


Plaid is very in right now - and super hot. Paired with dark washed fitted jeans and a nice pair of loafers, they give off that "I can do hard work like a farmer but I'm really a business man" look.

Button ups. They can go to work (suit), they can go to coffee (with jeans), they can on a date (with jeans). This one is from American Apparel.

This is so sexy. A laid back button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. Why do all the models roll up their sleeves in the pictures online? Cause its totally hot. So you should do it. Most men have great forearms, so show them off, boys!

Polos are totally OK! But make sure they fit. The biggest mistake I see, is guys where polos that are either too big (like "tall tees" big) or too tight (like "tool" tight). It should fit like the picture - a little loose but fitted.


The classic American Apparel hoodie. Perfect for any casual outing, with a plain colored t-shirt underneath.


Sweatshirts with a collared shirt underneath are a very put-together, confident look. You can usually wear them to the office or on a date. This one is from American Apparel.

Yay for boat-shoes! They are very stylish, and as comfortable as sneakers! So please, boys, replace your sneakers with these, and save the good-ol' lace ups for the gym.


These can be your go-to dress up shoes. Simple, clean and sexy. From Nordstrom.



Loafers are a must. They go with slacks or jeans. Get dark brown or black. Buckles can make the look more stylish, just ask your salesperson for help.


Jeans. Stick with a dark wash. Don’t do “skinny” jeans unless you are a fashion diva man (or a hipster).


Your butt will look good in a pair of high-quality jeans. And please, no butt decals or designs that are too obvious. I can’t tell you how many back pockets I’ve seen with stitched dragons or cartoon monkeys. These are from Nordstrom.


More little tips for the dude that really needs more help:

  • Shoes are tough. My suggestion? Don’t wear sneakers unless you’re going to the gym. It will dress up even the most casual outfit. See pics of suggested shoes above.
  • The first thing most women notice about men: Shoes, teeth, hands and height. So make sure your shoes are clean, your teeth are white, your hands are smooth and your posture is straight.
  • In my opinion, you can’t go wrong shopping at Nordstrom, Express & American Apparel. Ask the sales people, the ladies, for help! Especially at Nordstrom – they will really help you out in finding the right fit and item.
  • With jewerly – just don’t. If you aren’t a guy with a fashion sense, then you probably don’t know how to rock men’s jewelry. Stick with just a watch or nothing at all. Oh, your wedding ring is probably a good idea (if your married).
  • Try on your clothes! I know you men hate shopping, but please, try on your clothes for fit. Don’t just pick you “your size” because every piece of clothing, every brand, every store, will be different!
  • Ask for help from a well dressed woman friend or family member. Just ask. Most women love taking men shopping!
  • Take off the chain, dude. Seriously. Take it off.
  • Don’t put too much product in your hair. You’re not DJ Pauly D.
  • Please don’t wear ANY cologne that you can purchase at a drug/grocery store. If you want to wear cologne, buy it from a department store, and just wear one or two sprays.
  • I think a man in a grey crew cut fitted t-shirt, pair of dark wash jeans and loafers is as sexy as it gets. So keep it simple – most women will appreciate it!

So what does everyone think? Men, dressing well isn’t that hard, is it? And ladies, do you agree? What additional advice do you have for the bachelors out there?






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  1. what an informative post! My boyfriend takes no tips from me and it frustrates me how stubborn and old-fashioned he is with his style. hahah.

  2. he says:

    great post!!

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  3. Nice post, men can always look that much better if their dressed well.


  4. I just sent this to my boyfriend. Great post :)

  5. Jlan says:

    “Try on your clothes!”….. This pretty much sums it up.

  6. John says:

    Pft. Whatever. This website like so many is just designed to make money off of all those poor low self esteem sufferers. Don’t worry guys, pretty much nothing in this article or any article that claims fashion is important, is true. I am now almost 30 years old and have never given a damn about fashion (to the point where I don’t even know what articles of clothing are called) and let me tell you, no woman I’ve ever been with has ever been as demanding as these fashion obsessed websites. Its all a buncha crap. The fashion industry is a soul killer.

    • Natasha says:

      Actually, I wrote this post because many of my male friends requested it – they wanted help. My biggest piece of advice is to be confident in your clothes – that’s the main message of the post.

      Additionally, I pride myself on having a fashion blog that in fact builds confidence in my readers, not detracts from it. I personally do not fit the media’s standards of high fashion or beauty – and most women/men do not – which is why I encourage everyone to express themselves and be confident no matter the size of their waist or wallet.

      Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry you didn’t get the point of the post or my blog.


    • BillyBob says:

      And yet you’re no longer with these mystery girls….

    • NICK says:

      I agree with this guy. This sounds like a lame advert for American apparel. Men if you want style, start with Italian threads first European last and steer far from American Apparel… It’s lame tool clothes for sheep. Also style comes from within and real Un superficial women will see it and love it! Trust me I can get away with wearing almost anything and I’ve never had a problem with the ladies (8 beautiful kids later).

  7. Juan R says:

    Thanks for the tips. Too many guys are just clueless when it comes to dressing. I don’t dress to impress anyone, just what works for me. I’m a short guy but always make an effort to get well-fitting clothes. No trenchcoats or baggy jeans for me. Even if you’re not model tall or handsome you can still look good. Anymore more fashion advice for us “fun size” guys?

  8. Dangles says:

    This is a good beginners guide for sure. But these are the absolute basics. Also think about blazers, chinos, corduroy, fabric type, and shoe styles.

    One thing that was mentioned but should be emphasized a lot more: Fit. The most stylish shirt looks like shit if it doesn’t fit. Find a tailor and alter you stuff if it doesn’t fit. As a caveat, fit only helps you if you are in shape. Not to sound cruel but if you are packing a lot of body fat, you will never look good in clothes. Fix your diet and hit the gym consistently.

  9. Louise says:

    Thanks for this article. I know so many guys who don’t understand what a difference it can make to wear clothes that fit and are neat. Some even more basic tips:
    – Wear clean clothes
    – A good haircut does wonders
    – Underwear is called underwear for a reason – we don’t want to see it hanging out!
    It’s a real turn-off when guys (or girls) go around looking like they just rolled out of bed and couldn’t be bothered.

  10. Great article to help out guys out there. Although I will say that a man does not really need to shop at Nordstrom or Abercrombie to find good fashion. I personally shop at thrift stores where I can find high-end clothing for a fraction of the cost. Learn to look good guys, not for women but for yourself and your own self-confidence.

  11. Avi Singh says:

    It was just waste of time… to read out this sh it… Guys….. There is only one rule to look smart….. Keep a smile on ur lips…. and ofcrs dress well….. For a fair guy… Grey, light grey, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Sky blue, Navy, White and ofcrs BLACK are the colours….. Always wear a watch which suit ur personality… wear clean cloths…. whenever you go to buy a tee, trouser, jeans or shirt… forst try out them…. and be comfortable….. and last thing… if you want to impress a GIRL….. nothing really matters except your TOUNGE…. You can impress a lot of HOT & SEXY girls by your behaviour & communication skills….

  12. Evan S. says:

    As a guy, here are a few more tips.

    1. The more out of shape you are, the more put together your clothing must be. Some of the above styles will look ridiculous on a big guy. That being said, follow all the advice about fit. Baggy clothes fool no-one.

    2. Don’t mix brown and black.

    3. For shoes, try out Frye lace-up or Wolverine 1000 Mile boots. Both brands are beautifully crafted, and help give short men some height. If you are tall (I’m 6’4″), make sure your boots have a very low heel.

    4. A well tailored sports jacket (and I mean only a well tailored sports jacket…not a suit jacket, not a blazer) works very well with a subtle dress shirt with an open collar tucked into dark jeans for slightly more formal occasions. Never wear this without a belt.

    5. Save at least a third of your clothing budget for tailoring. Well tailored thrift store clothing will look better than the most expensive off the rack item unless you find a perfect fit.

    6. Don’t slick back your hair, ever.

    7. Anything that remotely resembles a fedora needs to be burned before sundown…I’m not joking.

    8. Replace your digital watch with a simple analog one. Timex has a number of great looking affordable ones.

    9. Don’t mix metals. If your watch is stainless, so is your belt buckle. Wedding rings are the exception.

    10. Replace your bulky wallet with a money clip and separate card carrier. A bulky, off center bulge is extremely unflattering. The bills in a money clip should be crisply folded in the middle.

    11. Always wear a simple belt in a similar tone to your shoes.

    12. In pants your ankle should never be visible.

    Thats about all I can think of for now.


  13. Sasha Yaggi says:

    Yes! Finally something about ruger 10 22 magazines.

  14. Dudewithquestion says:

    What about Pants!? I’m struggling to figure out what kind of dress pants to get. Or should dress shoes only be used with a color-coordinated pants&jacket combo?

  15. marty says:

    Dress style is like hairstyle. You either suit it or you don’t. You must listen to yourself and no one else when you’re buying clothes. If you are the tag-along boyfriend with two shopping bags in each hand both consisting of womens wear then it’s likely you will suit the plain clean look. But the rest of us that have too much of an individual personality would fail trying to pull off this simple look.

  16. George says:

    The emphasis on simplicity and not looking too good or too fashionable is very true for American women and spot on advice for that country. NOT TRUE for the more sophisticated European and Asian countries, where men are expected to adhere to a much (MUCH!) higher level of good dressing. Visit Sweden or South Korea to get a sense of what I’m talking about. Funny thing is, if you dress as well as a Swedish guy in America, immaculate, well turned out, exquisitely well fitted and fashionable clothing and hair, you will NOT be liked by American girls – maximizing your appearance and looking good is actually bad in egalitarian, somewhat America! – but if you follow the advice in this article you will be distinctly in the lower half of “cool” for girls in Sweden. America is more barbaric and Europe/Asia more cultured.

  17. Your style is unique in comparison to other folks I have read stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this web site.

  18. ok that quit ok...thank u sooo much says:

    ook now im fine about my dresses than u for yor sweet advices .Now im about to get sweet of my dresses….thank you guys

  19. Chris says:

    I would like to ask I usually wear a clean fresh plain tshirt blue or blk and a pair of relaxed fit jeans and clean new balance shoes is this style ok or am I missing something