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  • Bursting Orange & Popping Green

    This shot was taken in Porto, Portugal, and I completely forgot about these outfit-of-the-day photos until I posted all my pictures from Porto last night! So here it is, the lost & now found outfit post from Portugal!

    Everyone is Spain and Portugal plays with color – they mix and match bold colors, and you can always find a burst of something bright in their outfits, especially during the summer. So I decided to do as the locals do, but with a Natasha-twist. Almost everything I’m wearing I got abroad. The clutch is from a boutique in Dublin (on sale for about $10!), the green sandals are from Portugal, the top is from H&M in Spain (there is actually a ton of fringe at the bottom of the top, but it didn’t come out in these pictures).

    I hope everyone gets a chance to travel to Porto, because it is an amazing city full of beautiful people, delicious wine and hot summer sun.

    The earrings are vintage Givenchy.


  • Polished & Crown and a Day on the Waterfront

    I’ve got 2 outfits to share with you today!

    The first I’ve titled “Polished & Crown,” due to the slicked back hair & crown-emblem on my vintage Ralph Lauren jacket. With red lip stain and a studded Michael Kors top, the polished, classic look is given a modern twist. The jacket is a gem I picked up while vintage shopping in Seattle. “Ralphy” (my jacket’s name) doesn’t make it out of the closet much – but when he does, I know it will be a good day.

    The Crown Emblem

    My next outfit was an easy thrown together look that allowed me to enjoy the sun, but not freeze my butt off since Seattle sun is often not very hot at all. I spent the day with some friends at Pike Place Market on the Waterfront in Seattle, and this comfortable look was perfect. I’m wearing a sweater & belt from H&M, top is thrifted, necklace & bracelet from Nordstrom and my favorite loafers from Kaya!

    What does a summer outfit in your part of the world look like? Shorts & tank tops or sweaters and leggings?

    As always, let me know what you think :)




  • The Top 8 Reasons Why Traveling Light is better than being a Fashionista Abroad

    A Souk in Marrakech, Morocco

    Many of you know this, but I recently got back from a month long trip to Europe & Morocco. While it was absolutely amazing, I was only traveling with a carry on suitcase, which means I was very limited in wardrobe options. So I wanted to share a little bit about how to pack light for long trips, and why the fashion-sacrifice is completely worth it.


    The Top 8 Reasons Why Traveling Light is Better than being a Fashionista Abroad

    1. Good luck on those skinny-aisled Italian trains with more than a carry on & handbag.
    2. Unless you are a 5-star traveler (baller), you will be lugging your luggage up many flights of stairs.
    3. If you overpack, where are you going to put all your fabulous international shopping bags?
    4. There is no point in wearing massive jewelry and make-up in the summer heat. It will melt and/or slide right off.
    5. Your hair will not turn out how you want it to abroad – so just don’t even try. (Can you say ponytail?)
    6. If you have any flights between countries, you will most likely have to pay extra for an extra baggage (physical baggage, they let you bring your emotional baggage on board at no cost).
    7. Taxi cabs will often charge an extra buck for each piece of luggage you throw in their trunk.
    8. You will get SICK of dragging around your big suitcases, and wish the whole time you would have taken my advice.


    But have no fear ladies (and stylish men reading my blog! you fabulous man!). It is very possible to look somewhat chic with only a few items in your suitcase. Pack flowly, solid color tops. Stock up on light-weight accessories, like sheer scarves & long thin necklaces. Bring a couple pairs of sweet shades. And if you are like me, you’ll be picking up a few dresses, shoes & tops during your travels, so don’t worry about getting sick of your clothes.

    Here are some pictures of my travel-fits! Have you done any long (a few weeks or longer) traveling? What did you pack?

    In Seville, Spain in an easy white embroidered top, leggings & bag from Morocco.

    In Marrakech, Morocco where you aren't supposed to show skin, but its so HOT! Wearing my Moroccan pants, standing with my tour guide.

    In Dublin, Ireland wearing a plain white tank, leggings & sheer patterened scarf.

    In Paris, France wearing the "Lemon Dress" I bought in Dublin out to dinner!



  • There is a God: Versace for H&M

    Photo from

    Wait…is this really happening?!


    YES! It is. Versace is doing a MASSIVE line for H&M, premiering in Milan at the end of June (not sure how accurate this date is or when it will hit American stores). The collection will include over 40 pieces for women, and you can expect to stand outside in line for hours to get your hands on any one of them. I’m hoping they offer enough stock so everyone who wants a piece can get one, but if its like Lanvin for H&M, we’ll have to elbow our way to the Versace treasures.

    Here is another preview, and below, watch Donatella Versace talk about the collection:

    Photo from