Seattle Fashion Week: Finale Runway Show

Seattle Fashion Week was amazing. I was one of the 8 bloggers who covered the event, and was treated like a high-profile member of the press. What does that mean for you? It means exclusive interviews, backstage photos, insider information & fabulous fashion right here on the Chic Curve!

There were 4 main designers: Anna D, Alexandra Perry, H.O.I.A. & the Finerie. I was lucky enough to interview Alexandra Perry about her line, which was wonderful. I will be posting that interview separately in a later post. The show was fabulous, the models were gorgeous, the clothes were high-fashion and the heels were high.

I had so many great pictures from the event that I couldn’t post them all. So at the end of the post, there is a gallery of thumbnails where any fashion enthusiasts can view more wonderful pictures.

I will say that I was impressed & surprised by the finale show – I honestly wasn’t expecting the professional models & high-fashion lines. I met some amazing people, including other bloggers & members of the press. If you get a chance to attend SFW 2012, take it. You won’t be disappointed!

No more stalling, I promise. Here are the pictures…


Here I am in my "press-fit"! More pics of me with designers & press in the gallery at the end of the post.


Caught this guy giving a haircut to a model before the show!


Creative Director of Gene Juarez


One of the designer's models had the craziest hair-dos!

I loved this huge fishtail braids & ridiculous use of blush for HOIA models.


Alexandra Perry, one of my favorites.



The Finerie

The Finerie's Designers

So what did you think? Which is your favorite look?



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  1. Rose says:

    Is this a joke? How are we supposed to grow as a fashion forward city when events like SFW take place? No journalist in this city will tell write the truth. You KNOW that fashion week was not well produced! COME ON!!!

    • Natasha says:

      Thanks for you comment, Rose!

      I respectfully disagree, and think your tone is a little extreme. Also, this was about the SFW finale show, not the entire week, because I didn’t attend all the events, so I couldn’t comment on them all.

      But speaking to your comments…Were there some production issues, like music & timing for some of the shows? Yes. Was it a flawless production? No.

      But the pictures speak for themselves – the fashion – the creativity – the design – was wonderful. Sure the production could have been better – but the FASHION, which is what I care about, was impressive, and fabulous.

      I’m not a producer, I’m a fashion blogger. And the SFW finale show was FAR from a disaster.

      So, to answer you question, no, this isn’t a joke. But thanks for reading :)


  2. anita_riot says:

    wow! great post! Such an awesome event! so many awesome pictures. congrats! :)


  3. Tanyabell says:

    The silky blue shirt [worn with the yellow skirt] has to be my fav!!