Slicked Back on Platforms

Sometimes, its the small details that make the outfit.

Recently I was meeting a friend for Happy Hour in downtown Seattle, and as I walked towards the restaurant, I saw it it huge, black & yellow writing: “New Forever21 Store Opening TODAY!” Uh oh. I was pulled in by the shopping current…why fight it? And my friend could wait an extra few minutes, especially if it meant I might come out of the store with a bag full of cheap & delicious items!

And as I walked in, I realized I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Everything was fully stocked…there were adorable shoes, cute jewelry and sexy tops in every corner. And there were three floors of corners. I was no match for the new Forever21. So I gave in, and walked out of there with a HUGE yellow bag full of goodies.

You may be thinking at this point…why am I telling this story? Well, its because the shoes in my OOTD were snatched up during my shopping excursion that day (along with piles of other wonderful finds I really didn’t need). And they were $22.50. Yup, $22.50.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think!

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Shoes: Forever21

Jacket: Vintage; Top: Forever21+; Necklaces: Vintage & Givenchy




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  1. lauren says:

    Those shoes are super cute! My local Forever 21 is HUGE but always, always rummaged through. There must be some list serve I’m not on that other are and they get a notice when new stuff gets put out and by the time I get there all the good stuff is gone- boo!

    What brand are your jeans? They have such a great dark rinse!

  2. Pheobe says:

    The whole vibe of this outfit is great–very at ease and casual, but chic at the same time. I’m loving the platforms and the accessories you paired it with! Bravo :)

  3. A NEW FORVER 21 IN DOWNTOWN SEATTLE? I left too soon haha!

  4. Kendra says:

    You sure know how to accessorize, that necklace is amazing!