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  • New Blog Launch: I Need YOUR Pictures!


    The new Chic Curve blog will be launching in the next couple of days, and I want to involve other fashion bloggers in the launch.

    I will have a section of the blog called “The Style File” which will be dedicated to showcasing different styles. I want to include pictures & links of fashion bloggers with great style on this page, so my readers can find some other great blogs as well.

    If you want your blog & picture to be featured on the blog, all you have to do is post a comment on this entry with the following:

    1. Your Name
    2. Your Blog’s Name
    3. Your Blog’s URL
    4. Email Address
    5. A link to a picture of you that you feels represents your overall style
    6. Your style described in 5 words or less.
    I’m VERY excited about this and can’t wait to spread the love!
    Stay tuned, I’ll email you when the page is LIVE so you can check it out. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • OOTD: The Summer Peacock

    Summer comes in a luke-warm flavor here in the Northwest.
    Here in Seattle, the minute the sun peaks its head over the clouds, and it warms up to 60F degrees, outcome shorts, flip flops and t-shirts. I look around and see the stereotypical “Seattle” summer style, which includes rolled up cargo shorts, flip-flops and a loose, button-up cotton blouse. I thought I’d try and step up the typical “Seattle-summer” fashion game, with my new top, which I’ve lovingly named the Summer Peacock top. The best thing about this top? It will double as my go-to shirt during my trip to Tuscany in June.
    Another note: My new favorite accessory is Lip Stain! The most amazing thing – a subtle pop of color that stays on all day with little maintenance. The shade I’m wearing here is Revlon’s “Just Bitten” Lip Stain in “Flame.”
    What is your go-to summer top? The perfect airy, flowy, bright-colored top – we all have one. Post your summer go-to in the comments!

    Top: Nordstrom
    Flats: Gap
    Necklace: Givenchy 
    Bangles: Forever21
    Lipstain: Revlon Just Bitten in Flame
  • The Chic Curve is Getting an UPGRADE

    I’ve been blogging now for about 6 months and I’m loving it. I love every one who leaves me comments…I’ve loved reading every one’s blogs, and I’m excited to see how far I can take The Chic Curve in the next 6 months!
    I’ve decided that The Chic Curve needed a new outfit, and so I’m redoing the blog. It will be LIVE early next week, I’m SO excited about it…it is a HUGE upgrade. I’m moving to WordPress, but I’m keeping the Google Connect gadget, so if that is how you are following the blog, don’t worry, nothing will change :)
    I’m also going to Europe for 3 weeks in May, and will be posting some chic Europeans & myself, on the brand new blog!
    Here is a sneak preview. Once the blog goes live, I’ll make the official announcement & redirect the blog to its new site :)

  • Week In Review: Shopping, Cocktails & Work


    Happy Monday!

    Last week in 10 words:

    1. Work
    2. Exhaustion
    3. Shopping
    4. Limitless
    5. Cocktails
    6. Friends
    7. Mani-pedi
    8. Espresso
    9. Umbrella
    10. Twitter

    Post your last week in 10 words in the comments…10 words! No more!

    And here are the outfits & pics:

    Bracelet, Nordstrom; Necklace, Forever21; Blouse, GAP
    Much needed mani-pedi day!
    Cheers! Dinner and cocktails at the lovely @ZoeTapp ‘s place. I got everyone using Twitter, which is fabulous :)
    My Bows came! They are brooches, not bow ties! To buy: Here
    Jacket, Nordstrom Rack; Top, H&M; Brooche, vintage; Lace up wedges, DSW
    Necklace, Forever21; Lace Dress, Target; Heels, BCBG; Sweater, Nordstrom
    Cropped Jacket, GAP; Top, Nordstrom Rack; Necklace, Urban Outfitters; Loafers, KAYA
    Scarf, H&M; Top, Michael KORS; Cropped Slacks, Macys; Flats, GAP
    Looking forward to reading your weeks-in-review (10 words or less)!