From the Author: What’s Your Go-To Outfit?

I was talking with a friend the other night, and we starting chatting about how every girl has that one go-to item. Its the dress, the top, the skirt, the shoes, the WHATEVER, that looks good no matter how you feel or where you are going.

I started thinking…what is my go-to item? The one item that I throw on when I want to look undoubtably delicious…when I don’t have time to think or plan, or when I KNOW its going to be a good night. I could throw it on for anything…a date, girls night out, an interview, even a wedding…

…and I figured it out! My go-to item is a polka-dot dress I got in Dublin a few years ago…that is still classic & chic. I’ve worn it to a wedding, for New Years, a Valentine’s date and a couple graduations.

So I wanted to ask everyone…what is your go-to outfit? Post it in the comment, describe it, even link to a picture if you can. I want to see everyone’s “go-to items”!

The “go-to” dress, 2008.
New Years 2008, the “go-to” dress!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s “go-tos”!
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  1. Amber S. Brown says:

    My go-to item would have to be my black bold-shoulder blazer from Zara. I wear it for suiting, over maxi dresses, with boyfriend jeans—everything. It's versatile and has endless possibilities!

  2. Pheobe says:

    My go to item would have to be this black cardigan. I know it's not that exciting, but it's super flattering and it goes with everything. Whether I want to dress something up or down, I almost always go for this.

  3. Tanyabell says:

    great picture :) my favorite item is a pink braided back tank…it shows off my thin upper body and pink is my favorite color. :) plus it's sooo comfy!!!

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