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  • The Scoop: Urban Outfitters Shoe SALE

    Oh no. It’s happening again. A shoe sale…at Urban Outfitters. I’m talking gorgeous pumps & adorable flats for under $20. There are tons of heeled, lace-up booties available, as well as chunky heels for a night out on the town. Above are my favorite picks…thought I won’t be purchasing any of them because I have a shoe addiction, and currently have at least 5 pairs of beautiful heels that I haven’t even worn once since buying them.

    And in addition to endless mouthwatering shoes, there are clothes & accessories on sale as well. So if you have some money to spend…now is the time check out the sale at Urban Outfitters here.

  • Trends: OPI Shatter Nail Polish

    So when I first saw this trend popping up…I had to find out who makes this amazing nail polish & how I could get my hands on it!

    OPI’s Shatter nail polish can be painted over any color to give it the edgy & delicious effect you see below. Apparently it is part of the line that Katy Perry has created with OPI. I’ve searched & can’t find a reliable source to purchase the polish…so if you know where it is available, please let me know!

  • The Details: Studs & Fortune Cookies

    Two stories today:

    1. I recently decided I wanted to find a cute flannel button-up to stud. So over the weekend, when I found an adorable rainbow flannel at Faith21 (by Forever21) I knew it was meant to be! So I moseyed on over to Michaels and picked up some iron-on studs &  permanent fabric glue and carefully glued on studs, turning my rainbow flannel into an edgy button-down. (see picture below)

    2. Over the weekend I hosted a Swap Party (see the idea & description here) and invited a few friends to bring some unwanted yet fashionable items. Everyone exchanged items ranging from dresses to scarves to kitchenware to jewelry. It was a huge success, and out of my favorite items was this tiny little necklace with a fortune cookie charm on it, as well as a little circle that has “good fortune” engraved in it. Its my new favorite-little-thing! (see picture below)

    Anything new happening with you? Hope everyone is having a fabulous week :)


  • From the Author: Hottest Trends at Golden Globes 2011

    I’m sure all you fashion loving readers tuned in to the Golden Globes last night, or at least checked out who was wearing what. There are all kinds of best dressed lists out there…but I’ve got my own point of view.

    For the most part, I agree with the best dressed lists. However, I thought Natalie Portman’s Rose-embellished gown was AMAZING, and the only thing I disagreed with was her necklace…it was just too much.

    Out of all the gorgeous gowns on the red carpet, there were two trends that kept popping up which I fell in love with. Pale peachy pinks & dark rich greens. Delicious.

    Who was on your best dressed list? What do you think about my picks? Tell me everything.