Trends: Sequins & Booties

It has been a while since I posted an outfit…so here we go! Work has been crazy busy…as well as taking aim at having a social life, so I apologize for the sporadic blog posting! Make sure to keep sending me suggestions and questions for blog posts…I love hearing from readers & bloggers! (email me at

A friend took these photos a few weeks ago…and I just couldn’t decided if I even liked them or not. However, I definitely decided that I love my sequined cropped top & gorgeous BCBG booties.

Enjoy…and let me know what you think as always :)


Buy booties here & top from Forever21
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  1. BlueChinchilla says:

    Love love love the sequins! :)

  2. Grysh says:

    Oh, i love the top and the boots too though it is not that visible in the photos.

    Off-topic: I followed you on Google Connect. Hope you do the same for me. Link can be found on my homepage! :)

  3. Gem says:

    I love your top! so cute. Quite 70s which is a big trend at the moment x

  4. The Merry Traveller says:

    You are glittering beautifully here with that butterfly top from F21+!