Trends: Messy Ballerina Bun

Lately everybody has been rocking that high-fashion super-model top-of-the-head bun. It is a chic, understated & elegant look that is effortless yet put-together simultaneously. The best part about this trendy look? It takes about 2 minutes, and is my favorite way to wear my hair on a bad hair day, or on a day where my hair isn’t freshly washed (like on the way to the supermarket to pick up soup & advil after a night of partying).

This style will look differently depending on your hair type. I have thin, medium length hair. So my hair looks somewhat slicked back and my bun is pretty tiny. But if you have thicker hair, you will have a more voluminous look. If you have longer hair, your bun will be bigger. You can also tug hair around the secured band to loosen up your hair and use bobby pins to push up your hair, making a bump or just bigger hairline in general.

Here is how I make my messy ballerina bun, in less than 2 minutes:


Also, I will be announcing the winner of the Xmas give away shortly, the Christmas weekend kept me busy, so I apologize to anyone who is on the edge of their seats waiting to hear about the contest :)


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  1. Gem says:

    it looks really cute!
    I just tried it and it makes my face look as big and round as the moon haha.
    Lots of girls are wearing their hair like that at the moment which is a nice departure from super straight hair xx

  2. Natasha says:

    Hahaha! As big as the moon? I'm sure it didn't! But thanks girl :)


  3. Sarah Jane says:

    I have rocked a similar look with my dreadlocks, and I am surprised that it's easy to do with locs as well :) I love it for everyday because I hate my hair being in my face lol.

    Sarah Jane R.

  4. Alana says:

    Also my favourite way to wear my hair. I've been doing it since about 7th grade… my only problem is that the bun is so comfortable I have to remind myself to let my hair down from time to time.


  5. archives says:

    i have been totally rocking the messy-ballerina bun forever! its just so simple to toss up and be done with it. love your tutorial! :)

  6. Gem says:

    haha only a bit.
    These are handy for creating a fuller bun – x