Favorites: Fashion Blogs

Every morning I wake up & check my blogger feed, in hopes of seeing new posts from some of my absolute FAVORITE fashion blogs. Please check out the following blogs for more amazing fashion posts, they are hand picked by yours truly:

The Sartorialist – This is truly the ultimate high-fashion blog. Real inspiration can start here! Huge gorgeous photos of beautiful, stylish people.
Saks in the City – This girl has some serious style. She is a curvy fashionista in every sense of the word. Her pictures are fabulous, kudos to whoever is taking them!
Outblush – This blog is great for finding new, cute stuff! I also guest author for them a few times a month.
Muffin Top Baby – So I basically have a girl-crush on CoCo. She is so beautiful…and stylish…and she also has some amazing DIY posts as well.
Fat Frocks – Adorable! This modest blogger has some very cool style.
Sweet Faced Style – I always see Anika’s pics and think, oh cute! I’ll go buy that. Then I realize I can’t, because she made it!

Got a favorite blog that you think I left out? Add it below & I’ll check it out!


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  1. Gem says:

    Thanks Natasha :)
    This is a great blog- http://www.prettymuchpenniless.com/ good mix of craft/fashion/bargain hunting